29 April 2009


or as I would like to refer to it as, the only hockey I care about anymore.

Besides Flyers hockey, there isn't a lot I follow regularly other than teams that players I like play for. Since my favorite enforcer Downey didn't get the call back up from Red Wings, my pennant now gets waved for the Caps for the rest of the playoffs for Ovechkin. Plus they kinda go into that category of "anyone who is gonna beat the everliving dog shit out of the Pens" YAYAYA GO CAPS!

I actually think this is going to be the series of the Cup to watch. Already some bad blood between the teams with Semin's comments on Sid the Kid. And let us not forget that little punch throwing incident with Malkin and Ovechkin although there has been rumor that the two have made nice since. I still think the dynamic of it all should make for an amazing game tonight. Pens coming off the Flyers win, and Caps playing solid and taking game 7 even without their star wing scoring. If Ovechkin gets hot again, I see the Caps taking the series in 6.

And as if I needed another reason to dislike Pitt folk, honest to god truth, I am watching Game 7 of the Caps last night and some douchebag in a Pens jersey (might I add, in a new style jersey but with Lemieux on it...uh did Lemieux ever wear a new style of jersey?) Strike one...comes right up to me, and says "Ovechkin is not as good as Crosby and never will be". So of course, I ask..prey tell WHY he thought that. Strike two for starting a conversation with a statement like that... And then, well...he strikes himself out lookin....."Because Crosby is AMERICAN!!" He proclaims. Oh reeeeally, you just went from douchebag to KING OF DOUCHEBAGS. Cus, well last time I checked, Nova Scotia was in CANADA?? Did they get annexed? Did no one tell me? Where is the memo? Yeahhhh.....