13 April 2010

This is...

in no way related to sports, but I am a fat kid so...

I have died and gone to heaven, cuz THIS has finally come to KC. Big Kahuna. Nuff said.

No more having to sneak to Top City for any reason I could make up anymore.....

12 April 2010

Lupe Day at the K

So, finally after missing my first opening day in 10 years, and just being too busy for my own good, I made it out to the K. Perfect day and weather. Normal tailgating, beer drinking fun was had. It was such a great day I am not even gonna bitch about our awful pitching.

Sun burnt ears, what I cant hear you over the awesomeness of my boot full of beer!

I think there are some nuts in see any nuts??

Beautiful day at the K!See that thing up there called the Party Deck. They like me up there.

Today up, Detroit. Let's go Hoch. .333 is a good batting average, a winning percentage not so much Royals. Let's get it together boys.

08 April 2010

Hey guess what....


(this is the part where everyone acts surprised!!)
Banny looked good...but this guy....THIS GUY....ugh.

And that's all I got to say about that. Damn bullpen, ya make me sick.