30 April 2009

Being sick sucks...

but if one more person in my office asks about my symptoms and then says "ohhh I bet you have swine flu", I might fucking go off. Bitches, this ain't anything a few doses of the NiQuil and Jager can't fix.

I got nothing really...I blame the way I feel. Royals afternoon game today if it quits fucking raining. Davies is pitching.

Cassel has been donned #7 for the season. Hopefully we will get to actually see the number and the O line can keep him off his back. For a cool rundown of great QB's by numbers, check THIS. And after reading, I had to laugh at the visual imagery I always have of McMahon, which is always my second pick for 80's douche only following THIS GUY.

Okay, let us all share a laugh at this kids expense...

29 April 2009


the rain, Greinke still logs a record, as his team comes together to give the boy his 5th season win and despite giving up runs his ERA goes to .5 on the season.

Offense was smokin hot with Billy Butler, finally back to that hitting potential we know the fat kid has, logging two home runs and a double for four RBIs. He looked pretty flippin good with four hits and scored four runs as well... But it wasn't just Butler alone with the superman cape. Mark Teahen with a two run homer. Cutie Mike Aviles had a two run triple and a double. Coco Crisp and Alberto Callaspo each had two doubles. Mike Jacobs and Willie Bloomquist each had two hits. That's a lot of damn action at the plate.

Glad to see the boys step up and make sure Zack got to log the W still even though he gave up runs.

We now three way for the division once again and back to putting it to the Bluebirds in a day game tomorrow.

And so....

It ends....but what a damn good run Zack!! And fat kid Butler with the hot bat....yay!

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It needs to be documented, in media format...

JUST in case it truly does happen.

Any of you who know the tallish whore and I, know we both have a slight jaded edge and can be pretty rough and tumbly. But we are both huge believers in the whole karma, fate, destiny, things for a reason type of thought process. And that good luck falls back on you when you put good things out there. Pay it forward types of shit. Today, I had a situation like that and it could make me a millionaire. I just wanted to put it up, in case it happens, I can say "told ya so" BEFORE I say"everybody on the boat, and take your clothes off".

I stopped to get a red bull, and see this truck pull up beside. Guy with no shirt got out and I could smell the boozie smell radiating off him. I smiled that "ugh, I been there, buddy" smile at him and walked in the store. I am walking back to the cooler and hear the clerk telling him no way can he be in there or buy anything with no shirt so I see him head out, all head down and dejected looking. I walk out and he is just kinda standing there, and he says something about not being able to believe those people or something. So I ask him if he doesn't have any kind of shirt in his truck, and he just looks at me and shakes his head no. I got in the back of my car (everyone knows I usually have all kinds of shit in there) and had a ratty T shirt I had in there from a possible going from work to the cages outing. I hand it to him and he starts telling me how great of a person I am. Uh okay..its a shirt. He is freaking so he hands me this crinkled dollar bill and gives me this spill about he feels like he should give me something for my help. I just nod. Decide to walk back in and buy a power ball ticket with my wadded up dollar.

If that ain't good karma, I don't know what is.


or as I would like to refer to it as, the only hockey I care about anymore.

Besides Flyers hockey, there isn't a lot I follow regularly other than teams that players I like play for. Since my favorite enforcer Downey didn't get the call back up from Red Wings, my pennant now gets waved for the Caps for the rest of the playoffs for Ovechkin. Plus they kinda go into that category of "anyone who is gonna beat the everliving dog shit out of the Pens" YAYAYA GO CAPS!

I actually think this is going to be the series of the Cup to watch. Already some bad blood between the teams with Semin's comments on Sid the Kid. And let us not forget that little punch throwing incident with Malkin and Ovechkin although there has been rumor that the two have made nice since. I still think the dynamic of it all should make for an amazing game tonight. Pens coming off the Flyers win, and Caps playing solid and taking game 7 even without their star wing scoring. If Ovechkin gets hot again, I see the Caps taking the series in 6.

And as if I needed another reason to dislike Pitt folk, honest to god truth, I am watching Game 7 of the Caps last night and some douchebag in a Pens jersey (might I add, in a new style jersey but with Lemieux on it...uh did Lemieux ever wear a new style of jersey?) Strike one...comes right up to me, and says "Ovechkin is not as good as Crosby and never will be". So of course, I ask..prey tell WHY he thought that. Strike two for starting a conversation with a statement like that... And then, well...he strikes himself out lookin....."Because Crosby is AMERICAN!!" He proclaims. Oh reeeeally, you just went from douchebag to KING OF DOUCHEBAGS. Cus, well last time I checked, Nova Scotia was in CANADA?? Did they get annexed? Did no one tell me? Where is the memo? Yeahhhh.....

This makes me happy!!

Royals drop it last night 8-1 to the Jays. Meche seemed to struggle the whole damn game and is said to be experiencing that back tightness again. Ugh...basically this game just looked UGLY!

Soria is throwing balls again, but still no word on when he will actually return.

More exciting is Mr. SI Cover, Zack on the mound tonight....and in case you have been under a rock, this boy is 4-0, 0.00 ERA. The boy has pitched 29 scoreless innings, this season and hasn't given up an earned run in his last 43 innings, going back to last year. SWOON! He is the first Royal to grace the cover of an SI in season since Bo "KNOWS" Jackson all the way back in 1989. SI is donning him "The Best Pitcher in Baseball" . Not too shabby Zackiepooh!! If I had nuts, I would give my right one to go watch this boy pitch tonight. If you wanna read more about this...go HERE.

28 April 2009

Oh Shit...almost that time!

It happens every year bout this time. It has become a Whore/Lupe event of epic porportion.

It is known as the days de Lupe.

We first kick off the celebration with Cinco, then 2 days later the magic thing as Birthday de Lupe happens. This year the number is 30. It makes for a good few days of being drunk bitches, as we do with record form. The usual tradition is tailgating or eating out, a Royals game and then some general stumbling around. And who are we to break tradition, really? Even though this big dirty 30 birthday falls on a Thursday, some down ass friends are actually burning the vacation to accompany me to my drunken special day outing!! While we are busy assembling our outing packs of grills, washer game, yard beer, protective headwear, duct tape, and bail money and our lawyers are writing the disclaimer that comes in 12 languages and now braile...please, let us take a moment to visit days de Lupe of years past:

"Ohh..the ballpark/Drunk Bitch hugs mascot/Drunk Bitch points out the obvious foul pole/Drunk Bitch pole bends to show the rip in her pants/Drink Bitch climbs pole, with proper safety helmet/Drunk Bitch gets a little help humping the concrete divider. "

Can I say how ABSOLUTLY excited that this year for my birthday, is School Day at the K. I wonder how many innocent childeren will be scarred for life by the antics? begs the question...

If THEY are splitting the cover, are they splitting the curse?

I will miss Madden. TurDukHen will never be the same!

Burnt out Tuesday....

It is never good when your Tuesday feels worse than your Monday, ugh.

Today could be the most uneventful day in sports for me.

NBA playoffs, don't really care.

NHL Playoffs, will watch and pray for the Capitals tonight just for Ovechkin, and hopes he will do something awesome....

2 strikes, here's the high inside fastball...uh I mean Royals rundown...

W at the K last night 7-1, with Banny looking damn good for most of his 7 innings. His offspeed is starting to look like the BB of 2007....and with him, Meche, Zack and the Ponson we saw on Sunday, I think we might be on to something here.

Guillen with two bashes in the game, Olivo with a blam over right, and other hitting stats worth noting are Callaspo's two singles gave him a 10-game hitting streak (16-for-36, .471) and Bloomquist's triple, was his second extra-base hit. Last year with Seattle, Bloomquist had just one extra-base knock all season.

Keep up the good work, boys...

In other random news and events, check out THIS, THIS, and THIS. The last one makes me shake my head and say, REALLY?? REEEEALLY?

27 April 2009

Get well soon!!

A are missed already. As everyone knows, my next ex Alex under went surgery on his hip on friday....he is expected out 10-12 weeks. Sigh....

Teahen was talked about being traded in off season and now becomes the Bill Pecota of playing everywhere we need em.

Just remember, baba, if you got any owwies, give momma Lupe a call!
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I know I am a posting

But I just wanted to throw this us, with 2 confirmed cases in Kansas.

CDC on Swine Flu

My public service work here is done.

135 years?

This year marks the 135th time the Kentucky Derby has ran. That is pretty kick ass, if you ask me.

Although I have never gotten to go see the actual running I have visited Churchill Downs and it is pretty sweet....

I am still a believer the best part of Kentucky is Clermont and a little thing they make there, but I can imagine going to th' Derby would be a damn good time. I just want to see the bitches in big hats sucking down Mint Julep and eatin some Hot Brown's.

If I were a betting bitch, I think I would have to go with Flying Private. If you are a betting bitch, you could go HERE to do so. Also, if you want to sip on a refreshing MJ and just watch the runnin', a recipe for some could be found HERE.

Everyone hates the Raiders...

Being a "Raider Hater" used to be a staple of being a Chiefs fan. For me, the Broncos have really taken over that spot of hate in my heart, mostly because the Raiders have become nothing but the AFC's Corky from "Life Goes On". Still, this brought a chuckle to me...

Reading over a very cool guys blog HERE (minus the strikes for him being from Pitt, we have a NO SIXBURGH saying agreement...) brought me to review THIS, where a bunch of dousches review the draft. The humor I did find was the Oakland grade. I love the .59. I had to stifle the laughter. .59?? REALLY? Too bad we can not impose some NFL academic probation or something.....

But then, really do we expect much more from the King of Undead?
I am a firm believer this man is seriously some kind of football killing zombie who they put in some cryogenic chamber during the off season. At least he has Cable's ass now to stick his hand up and move around like a sick ass sock puppet. This is the man who says he will not change the Raiders till he wins 2 more super bowls or dies.

Please, for fucks sake, just let him DIEEEEE already!

Yes, I read...


But this is one of my daily reads, and I really liked what he had to say about the whole Maier-Pena situation, and the whole accountability factor of Moore, showing him he is starting to make the corrections we as Royals fans have been tripping over ourselves to see happen. So, would like to read as well go HERE.

It is easy to pacify fans for awhile and say "we are rebuilding" but then when correct steps are not taken to prove that, it becomes a moot point. I have much more respect for the front office if they can give us good solid action to show they understand what is wrong with the club and are actually trying to fix what is broke.


Welcome to KC, Mr. Tyson Jackson.

I think that Pitoli has gotten a little slack for this draft pick, but I understand a little of the madness. Probably going to come into the new defensive scheme a little better and feel a bit more at home with Bowe and Dorsey here to help. He fits the immediate need we have for the defense, but I thought maybe we would go for someone a bit faster and more explosive to focus on the pass rush more?

Anyways, let's all meet the new boy getting used to a red jersey:

POSITION: Defensive End
HOMETOWN: Edgard, La.

2008 Preseason First-Team All-SEC (SEC Coaches, SEC Media)
2006 Second-Team All-SEC (SEC Coaches)
2006 SEC Defensive Lineman of the Week (Nov. 11 vs. Alabama)
2005 Freshman All-SEC (SEC Coaches, Sporting News)

I always like reading the "personal" section.
Full name is Anthony Tyson Jackson ... Born June 6, 1986, in New Orleans ... Majoring in communication studies ... Favorite sports movie is “Rocky” ... Aspires to be a teacher.
Awesome. Anyone who loved Rocky is alright with me.
Boy logs 121 collegiate tackles, 19 sacks, and one INT.
Looks like we have about 111 days till first pre-season outing to see if Pitoli made a good pick.

26 April 2009

Some might say...

128 million is a lot of money. I'd be one of those people. I don't even freaking know what I would start to do with that much money but damn if I wouldn't try to figure it out.

Right about now though, I think the Capitals are feeling that Mr. Alex Ovechkin is worth every penny of that lucrative 128 million they shelled out. It would take me hours to discuss every award this kid has won or why he is an eternal bad ass man boy. I will simply say "the goal". With Flyers losing and my heart breaking, I shall back Ovechkin and hope he almost kills Malkin again in the near future.

Detroit pulls ahead in the division as we drop our second today. Ponson looked more settled and in control today, we just couldn't seem to generate hits. And then came that bash by Inge. All I can really say is BLAHHHH! It would probably bother me more if I somehow had higher expectations of my boys in blue. Tomorrow night game to kick off a home series with Toronto. Let's go Royals!!

Fuck...the weekends just are never long enough.

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I had wondered...

Why in the hell we were rosterring three catchers with the strength of Buck and Olivo, but it seems KC decides to send Pena down and keep Mitchie Maier up.

I give Skip Hillman a two thumbs up for this...Maier comes in from AAA hitting something like .370 and is a really good grabber in the outfield. I also think his ass looks better in the pants.

That is your hungover Royals report for Sunday. We take it to the K this afternoon hopefully to pull the needed win over Detroit. Ponson on the mound, with his something like 7 ERA...not to be confused with his number of drunk driving convictions. ZING!

25 April 2009


There are certain things that can fix anything.

See exhibit A

Flyers lose, Royals serious on their knees with droppin two on div co leaders...

We get Jackson...was a surprise earlier pick than I though...but at this point and time me and Jimmy really can say "what the fuck do we know". Ugh.
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24 April 2009

108 pitches!!

Greinke goes the full 9 tonight and gets it done is 108. This kid continues to impress...just keep him on his meds!

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Friday Love...

You know how the tallish bitch and I feel about a little Techmo Super Bowl.

Was there anyone more fucking awesome than the Nigerian Nightmare?


people might ask WHY I love my job, and to that I say a picture is worth a thousand words!
Also, dumping THIS and THIS which has kept me laughing today!!

Friday Edition....

Apparently hungover Lupe is not a blogging productive Lupe, but shit happens. I would like to share one fact I was reminded of last night. The best tasting beer is some that you didn't buy.

I am up I factor quadratic equations.

Okay let the rrrramble begin....GO!

First off, since K-el already covered THIS which was pretty fucking awesome, I decided to throw out there that maybe no one I have ever met has better facial hair than THIS GUY. (We all know how I feel about him, SWOON).

Someone reminded me that the NBA playoffs are going on.....but I quickly reminded them I quit caring about the NBA about the time MJ retired the first time. I do like Paul Pierce, tho so I guess GO CELTICS covers me talking about something I didn't really give two shits about in the first place.

Royals in action tonight against Detroit for three at home before Toronto strolls into town. Greinke on the mound, and I project we sweep this series. I have a "feeling".

Wait...didn't I talk about this already last night?

We dropped the series close to Cleveland but still keep the division tie for 1st. I can handle that. We won't start really shitting the bed till after the All Star Break. Plus, can you really brag about being your division leader when you are in the AL Central? Really?

Still excited to see what shall unfold on Saturday.

Who Why

I am sure that I should be writing about some big time sports star that kicks some ass or has kicked someone’s ass, but this was sent to me this morning and it made my freakin day! A perfect game in baseball is rare at any level and should be celebrated on any occasion. Mackenzie Brown is 12 and pitched one in New Jersey in a Bayonne Little League game on Tuesday. 18 boys came up and 18 boys went down as pray to... a girl!! Hell yes! Here's to you little Ms Brown!! She is going to throw out the first pitch at the Mets game on Saturday!

23 April 2009

Greinke...and bein scoreless....

Greinke goes into tomorrows game scoreless in something like 34 innings against Detroit. WOOSA!!

Holdin spots seems the theme with us, and the tigers we got by the tail....

Sorry...still too happy and too much beer from the dayum Flyers W-I-N!!!

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Holy shit!!

Flyers pull it out....the new boys show what is fucking up and we stay alive. Makes me wonder about my loves Hartnell and Gagne. We need some leadership and jeezy petes some continuity!! Sorry no better coverage I had some mom duty to do!!

I also want to take a second to talk about kids. Both us bitches been blessed with em but dayum if they don't mimic us whores sometimes. My daughter follows Royals baseball as closely as a nine year old girl can. But tonight she had one of those kid moments you never forget.

I had changed up lucky Flyer gear for something meaningful. To avoid being a HUGE pussay, I will not explain, but I had a grey t shirt that says "Marines" and my flyer orange hat and scarf.

My daughter was busy with activity but comes to me later. "MOM, ugh...why are you wearing a Marlins shirt? They SUCK!!". I explained to her she had mis-read only after I completely and totally fell in love with her all over again.

The fact she identifies and rates the suck factor of another MLB team besides the Royals I jam down her throat makes me well....proud!! Sometimes kids rock your world more than you ever expect!!

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And, it is official....

Tony G, to Falcons for draft pick.

I understand it, and knew it would happen but it still makes me sad. Pro Bowl player and class act. KC will miss you Gonzo, and your amazing ability and cornerstone of Chiefs football the last decade.

See ya in the Hall of Fame, # 88. Much love and good luck!!


K-el and I had discussed bringing a somewhat normalish thing to the blog about our favorite people, people who have done funny or lawbreaking shit, and we kinda came up with the WHO-WHY

WHO-WHY is who they are and why we love them, or who they are and why they were idiotic enough to get arrested, shoot someone, or knock up a 16 year old crack whore. start tradition, I am throwing up the first WHO-WHY.

Anyone who knows me, knows I could write a dissertation on why I love this boy, Mr. Josh Beckett. We can skip right past any of the hot, amazing arm, and just the type of guy Lupe loves stuff...he is MINDBLOWING!! Was going to play for A&M but went pro instead. 03 WS MVP and 2007 ALCS MVP. Love anyone who shuts out the Yanks in a clutch situation, and he is JUST DAMN PRETTY!! Other than his poetry in motion fastball, the boy has this high 80 changeup that is about as nasty as they come. But yada yada yada, need I go on? I think this can sum up why he is my pick for the WHO-WHY.....
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Boston Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett has been suspended for six games by Major League Baseball after an incident in Sunday's game against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, the league said on Tuesday.
After the Angels' Bobby Abreu called time out while batting, Beckett threw the ball toward his head.
Players and officials then left the benches and argued on the field.
The league ruled that Beckett "intentionally threw a pitch in the head area" and also noted in its statement that his "aggressive action after the pitch incited the bench-clearing incident."
Always count me in for the love of the bad boy.....

Gonna blow my preverbial load....

all in one shot here and cover all that I am thinking about.

First, Flyers. MUST WIN tonight!! Game 5 with Pens up 3-1 at their damn house. I am kinda having deja vu of about 12 months ago....anyone else? Plain and simple, the boys gotta keep chucking quality shit at the apparent golden man-child goalie and see if they can get some by. Fingers crossed and lucky had and scarf all ready.

Royals finish at Cleveland with Meche getting the nod. I think they are in the second, but I can't seem to get my MLB TV up here at work without a nosey person checking it just me or does Meche look like he is 5? I think Guillen is go for back on Saturday, and is great to me as long as he brings a hot bat back with him. There is talk about him DH over going back to position, and for that I say throw him back in the pit. There are a lot worse things than hip flexers.

It is just too fucking nice to be inside today, and every time I walk past the window, I have to calmly remind myself that a responsible adult wouldn't just make a break for it. I should be kidnapping a tallish whore and there should be something with drinking and swinging clubs, sticks, or other objects involved.

Damn the spring fever.

Oh...fuck, I almost forgot.

Saturday...I am almost excited to see what brianchild the new front office of the Chiefs is gonna do. All talk is on us taking Aaron Curry, but I am not so sure about that pick. We pick up a decent arm, and I am really wondering what kind of dynamic they think is happening when our O line is in the shape it is? Sigh. I have chosen to sit on my hands and just see what happens. I am still very thrilled with our Dorsey pic from last year....we will keep the faith!

22 April 2009


Since the just tried remote posting just went so well...woohoo..let us have a little Royals wrap.

Banny gets a big fat ole W for his first appearance which tickles me to death...I have always liked this boy. Six shutout innings and even easier to look good and keep your work polished when Soria is your relief tho. Banny let his off speed prevail and that arm seemed good here...Wright (that major fucking cutie) kept hits at bay and Soria swoops in for the exclaim at the end. Pitching execution at its finest. I am glad to see Bannister get the win and the real joy of not seeing him struggle or get in any danger settings of the past. Skip drew some crit for bringing Banny up over Hotch but I think this outing showed it was a well made decision... Banny gets it in about 90 pitches what Hotch wouldda shouldda couldda done in about 120.

Crisp with the offense tonight...I still can't take anyone with a cereal name too seriously, but he is growing on me.

And the Royals hang in to win another... As a long time boys in blue girl, it brings a smile to my face.....

Or maybe it was just gas. Damn!

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Trying to be a remote bitch...

I am sitting on my porch with a beer...and know the tallish whore is as well on her own porch with brew so what better time to try this remote posting a la crackberry.

I shall sign first remote post with a quote I stole from a fellow cyber buddy but it struck me as funny....(Maybe I can blame the brew)

"Baseball is like hell: it's hot out, there's a lot of math, and everyone involved is an asshole."
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Banny Back!!

Bannister, and hopefully his still awesome rocking soul patch gets called up and the start for our beloved Royals tonight.

Us bitches should be writing more about our boys in blue, but I have the feeling as soon as we start talking, they start sliding. I am happy we are off to a solid start, and more baseball talkie-talkie will soon be following I promise!

Also, 8 of our beloved boys are up for All-Star voting. Please go and vote and support our guys...

That bitch ROCKS!!

I got little to nothing today simply because all the good shit was blacked out in my area last night. Seriously??? Either way I ended up watching some kick ass motorcycle stunt competition. It was fine, but it made me think "where are the chicks??" No, I don't mean those little dingy waifs clinging on to some muscle bound boys arm on the sidelines watching and complaining about the noise, but chicks pulling stoppies.

My "that bitch ROCKS" is going out to Jessica Maine! Freakin love that tattooed little blonde! The world needs more hot girls riding big bikes that actually have a clue


Thank god, I am not a bookie or work for anyone running lines. I thought for sure this would go to OT or shootout, where Flyers would have a chance for the home win.

Pens 3, Flyers 1.

You can say whatever you want to about the Malkin-Crosby duo, but the sole man carrying this series is Fleury. The man is a brick wall. IF he is somehow not the series MVP I will poke myself in the eye with a stick! He kept it on lockdown pretty much the whole game. Flyers look good first period with shots on goal, but our veteran players seem to be out of control. Gagne needs to reign these boys in, and god damn if our leading points scorers can't produce. UGH.

HARTNELL...we know your a firecrotch, but your smarter than these stupid penalties. I keep waiting for the glove throwing to commence.

Carcillo has started to grow on me more and more. This boy is hockey smart and gonna be our new Cote kinda guy...knows when to muscle up...He might be a shoe in for my new favorite, if I can actually solidify that he looks better with his shirt off than Lupul.

I am taking partial blame for this loss. As some of you know, I am a superstitious Lupe to fault. Instead of wearing the original Gagne jersey or Hartnell jersey shirt and scarf that I used to rock when we were playing good, I chose to wear the Niitty custom scarf. That mistake won't happen again.

Epic battle shall continue at Pitt on Thursday. Flyers have to maintain composure and figure a way to score on Fleury to keep in this.

21 April 2009

To kick shit off...MOTHER FUCKING HOCKEY!

Instead of telling any sorted tales of bullshit past, let us get right up to speed.

K-el doesn't share my love of the Flyers (damn, that bitch for being smarter than not fucking out of the tri-state area) but tonight we face Game 4, with (thank god) home ice for my Flyers. Pens lead the series 2-1, but I think whoever can win away takes this series. Flyers really sucked a big dick in the first two, with Fleury looking like a brick wall. Game two, this boy scats 2 shots on goal with HIS SKATE! (did I mention, he is a hot enemy??) Wait, what???

Pens have speed...Malkin and Crosby...and durh, Pitt has this thinking they are on some streak. Pshhhhaw..tell that to your Pirates, you Sixburgh fucks.

Philly needs to watch penalties, play smarter...Keep Malkin to the outside...and maybe we can get our confidence back.

Lupe predict, Flyers take this home game and gain momentum. I really believe this could be a series that will go all 7. People who know more shit than me tho...say Pittsburgh Penguins (2.52) at Philadelphia Flyers (1.60) (Money line inc. OT)

Welcome to the Jungle...Bitches!


As some of you that know us demented whores know, this has been a long running idea with me and the tallish hoochie for a long time. Boredom has consumed the idea, and here is the start, a rough draft of our idea....for your viewing pleasure.

For a long time we have wanted a spot where we can talk about our love for sports...boys....drinking way too much...pissing in urinals...chewing and other general malaise from our fucked up points of view. Too many times we see things that we feel we need to share, or shit happens to us, and is never shit that happens to normal people!!

In other words....WELCOME.