27 October 2009

From our own....

Jason Whitlock...usually I can't stand the man, but I do like this one...there is gonna be some serious panties in a wad, but I myself am still cracking up.

Read the article HERE.

"Gender equality has given men more access to women. This is not a good thing for fidelity. Madonna, Britney, Paris and Lil' Kim haven't helped much, either. Women are far more sexually aggressive than they used to be. They'll describe in graphic detail exactly what they'll do that your wife can't or won't, and they'll back it up by texting you a naked cell-phone pic."


Why yes...

he is an idiot...

Larry Johnson.

26 October 2009

3...F*#$ing Points!!

I Touchdown There 5-1-0

(GB - QB) P New player notes
@Cle W, 31-3 24 32
(Buf - WR) Player notes
@Car W, 20-9 4 2
(NYJ - WR) P New player notes
@Oak W, 38-0 7 1
(Dal - RB) P New player notes
Atl W, 37-21 11 4
(Mia - RB) New player notes
NO L, 46-34 8 27
(TB - TE) New player notes
NE L, 35-7 5 0
(GB - WR) New player notes
@Cle W, 31-3 8 14
(SF - TE) New player notes
@Hou L, 24-21 6 27
(NO - K) New player notes
@Mia W, 46-34 8 11
(NYG - DEF) No new player Notes
Ari L, 24-17 10 6
Total 91 124

BusterMuffinHalf 5-1-0

(Min - QB) No new player Notes
@Pit L, 27-17 17 13
(KC - WR) New player notes
SD L, 37-7 9 7
(Min - WR) New player notes
@Pit L, 27-17 5 13
(Cin - RB) New player notes
Chi W, 45-10 14 24
(Chi - RB) New player notes
@Cin L, 45-10 10 4
(Hou - TE) New player notes
SF W, 24-21 7 18
(Mia - RB) New player notes
NO L, 46-34 15 10
(Car - WR) New player notes
Buf L, 20-9 7 9
(NYJ - K) No new player Notes
@Oak W, 38-0 8 8
(NYJ - DEF) No new player Notes
@Oak W, 38-0 9 21
Total 101 127

Yes, I spent the last quarter of the Giants game praying Eli would throw a pick so the D could get back out there. Thank god bye weeks are almost over for me and I can get some of my better guys back in there. Sigh

23 October 2009


I kinda totally forgot about Who-Why for a bit now...

So, ladies and gents, without further ado, here is your Friday Who-Why:

WHY?? Well, isn't that one obvious, Johnny? more hot. The reason I rush home to make PTI over my lunch break. Did, I say hot...and smart? Yeahh....

I'm usually....

not much on the adds that most professional teams use these days, but I did like this one for Military Appreciation day for the Chiefs. Can be watched HERE.

Chargers this week, and although they are fresh off the loss to the 'Donks and we are riding our big fat W still, I am not sure we get the win. To our advantage, although a sucky advantage, RB LaDainian Tomlinson, FB Jacob Hester, WR Buster Davis and LB Jyles Tucker all missed practice this week with the Flu. Even worse, if they travel with the team and still sick, stuck in an airplane breathing on each other could be really ick. I am worried about SD's pass rush with the struggles 7 has had and our atrocious O line, but if he can connect with Bowe a few times, and LJ can run not only into the back of our line, but get some breaks I say we have a chance. Our Corners are mismatched with WR's but I expect Flowers to get lofty.

And the real question...
Will coach Screamy McScreamerson's arms come uncrossed yet again this week?

21 October 2009

OMG Zack Greinke

SN AL Pitcher of the Year....which loosely translates into he should be the CY. All you need to know HERE.

Way to go Z!!

I still can't adjust to this....

Even though, I have to be proud of how he is fitting into the Donkey's D. Went out of the game Monday, but returned. As much neg shit as the AFC West got for being a shitty conf, and as MUCH as I hate to say it, I love that Denver is undefeated. Other than my Chefs, I am a true positional player cheerleader, and my love for the X factor is well documented, but now the Donks have Knowshon Moreno since I have adored since UGA and always liked Correll Buckhalter with the Eagles when he could stay healthy. In PHI, there were only really 2 big "you can count on the HUGE plays" kinda guys on D, IMO. Although, I think the Dawk is the greatest Safety to roam the earth, I think why the Denver D is so good so far is, they are spreading those huge plays around. Every time you turn around someone is making a big play, or an important one, not just the same player. I hate to say it, but in C Bailey and A Goodman, they could have the most legit 1-2 punch at corner, and their secondary sure ain't nothing to balk at. Okay, enough of my crushing on BD, you guys will start thinking I'm a Bronco backer or some shit. In closing argument...Dawkins is the man who has successfully rocked ugly fucking throwbacks for teams and still remained awesome in them.
Exhibit A

Piss yellow, shit brown with those god awful bumblebee socks...yeahhh.

Exhibit B

Nothing says "tough" like powder blue and fairy yellow. GO TEAM!

20 October 2009

Bye Weeks....

screw me every time!!

No more Mrs. Undefeated here....
I took losses in both leagues I was undef in. One I am still points leader in, and still have the best record, other I slipped to third, tied with records and down in points....
I gotta say I do this every year, draft a team I am satisfied with and think will be good...they come out well (even have McNabb in one of them and worked around early injury) and then the byes come into play. Grrrr.

Cry no more...

sad Chiefs fan, for Coach Screamy McScreamerson is here to save us. Okay, so we won't go that far, but least his arms came uncrossed for the end of the game.

Chiefs with the W. I like with the safety on the end it almost looks like we scored 2TD's instead of depending on Succup for all our scores. I wonder how many asses got chewed for dumping the water cooler on him. There is really not a lot to say about the game, it was kinda like watching two kids play Rock'em Sock'em Robots. It wasn't a great win, but could be monumental for us something to be happy about at least.

Although, he should be in a jolly mood I see that Tank Tyler felt his "one bad game and your our" wrath today and was traded for draft pick. I get it, fits in to the out with the old in with the new that Haley is bringing. Just sad to see all these guys who carried us through the terrible times get picked off one by one.

Got a little choked up when Stairs got in the box last night, thinking about Game 4 of last year, but even though my old Royal didn't come through Rollins banged the walk-off. Yanks head to LA now. God, I really hate the Angels and I really hate the Yankees. I can't even say I want anyone to win. Sad.

16 October 2009


Vote for your favorite mascot HERE. Yes, I know it's janky. I like silly shit as such.

Also, CHECK this shit out. Is there a better job out there for Lupe? I think not.

'Skins in they hood this weekend. They are pretty damn unpredictable and we do have the fact that they gave up first wins to Detroit and Carolina, and that Zorn is their coach. I have my ugh about Haley at times, but Zorn much makes me go WTF is this guy doing. BUT. Today Haley replaces WR coach. Remeber, this is the coach spouting his "22 guys off the street" BS at the start of the season. He is in over his head, and now I feel acting straight on desperation. Either way, I feel like the Skins game is make or break for us. If we let them generate some god damn offense against us, and we lose, I see us going win less. I know I know...but it could happen folks.

Imma show my age here. But, hopefully some other ageful fuckers can appreciate. When I was a kid we had channels 62 (on a non cloudy or rainy day) so, I grew up listening to a LOT of baseball on the radio. My pops and I would set out on the porch of our house and listen to weekend afternoon games all the time growing up, yelling at my brother when he moved the wrong way and knocked our AM radio signal out of whack with his free-throw practices. Honestly still, I love hearing Denny Matthews voice when I am stuck in a car during a game, its just something I can not explain. I have tried to pass this to my kiddo as well, and being the awesome sports junkie she will ask to listen to the game over the radio most of the time. I wish I could put my finger on why, but that good announcer play by that makes a crucial play come alive in your mind...well it gives me the good kind of goosebumps. So, last night I did the unthinkable. Turned the TV off. Grabbed a beer, and listened to the Phillies win their game on the good ole AM radio. Still got that chill when Ramirez hit the knock and felt the excitement when Lidge came in...

I think there are things you learn from your parents you def hold dear for your entire life.

15 October 2009

Just another week....

in fantasy, but yet I am still 5-0 in two of my 3 leagues. This makes me happy as hell, as I caught some slack for some of my early draft picks. My motley crew seems to be doing okay. Fantasy is a good mix of luck and skill, I think that is why I like playing so damn much. Anyone who says there isn't luck involved didn't pick up Austin off the waivers and start him last week.

"Football is easy if you're crazy as hell"- Bo Jackson

Hmm...maybe that's it.

14 October 2009


"Endure and persist, this pain will turn good by and by" -Ovid

13 October 2009

So yeah...

About that 20 whatever points I forecasted, lets scratch that.

It wasn't pretty at all but it was better. I am okay with better. Here is the question I pose to you. WHY didn't Haley go for 2 at the end? We are a 0-4 team, and have the chance for the win. RICHES AND GLORY RICHES AND GLORY.....

09 October 2009

Please send PrepH...

cause I know my ass is gonna ache over the Chiefs this week. I don't have near enough time to cover everything that is going wrong this season, but yeah...I think Pioli is in waaaaahhhhy over his head, and dear ole coach is havin kinda a rough time pulling OC and coaching duties. Lupe predicts the freaking 'Boys put a good 28 points up on us Sunday. Ughhhh.

Tailgate and game was a damn good time....don't let drunk people take your "mascot love" pics tho, they cut the heads off...Lots of beer, and wodka was consumed, grub was grilled perfectly, washers and football was played, and I even had a damn good tackle. I still got some wheels for a ole lady!

Little kid soccer only has 2 more games, thank god. Nothing like watching kids stand around cause they are so cold they don't want to play...and your freezing your ass off watching it.

I'm a fantasy pimp this year, still undefeated in 2 of the 3 leagues....but I have a bad feeling that is gonna end in at least one of those leagues this week. Say a prayer to fantasy Jesus for me.

Los Royales season complete. I promise I will get to a rundown on that soon. Still hoping for a Greinke Cy. He didn't look great in his last outing, but still....he is a solid choice. Keep fingers crossed.

There are just too many sports going on right now. I feel like I have baseball, football, hockey ADD. Flyers looked like shit against Crosby and his butt buddy Malkin....Phils are gonna win the whole thing all over again. I am trying so hard to still love baseball and be interested but....yeah but....

Hopefully will have some exciting news for you all after the weekend....

02 October 2009

I suck...

at blogging apparently. Just a lot going on.

So much to say. Chiefs...ugh....Greinke OMG!!

I just felt the need to put a post up for this month, and hopefully I will get off my ass and find time to write.

Plus GOING to the game on Sunday and tailgating with Whore. Sure there will be some blog worthy happenings then.