31 March 2010

4 days....17 hours...

till opening day! New season, and while as a Royals fan it is hard to be optimistic, I have promised myself to try. Active roster HERE. Jason Kendall, as much as I despise you landing here, the arm tat...HOT! Regardless, the party deck is calling my name, its time to work on my flip flop tan again!

I am not gonna be one of those fans who cries and bitches this year, I have made a vow. We still have so many young guys, so instead this is what I want to see us accomplish:

Royals finish .500 **Cough cough, I know**
Greinke with 15 wins. ( I know its a stretch, but if he has the run support from the team, very very possible)
Butler to hit 25 dingers. I just like to see a fat guy smack the ball!
Cruz to keep his ERA under 2.7. Unfortunately, this is PROBABLY the most unattainable, sadly.
The hottest ass in baseball, Alex Gordon to be on the field for at least 100 games this season.

Baby Steps!!


The Omaha trip was survived. My darts were how should we say, NO BUENO yet a good time was had by all. I learned you should never drink everclear after you are 20, but really it is never ever a good idea.

Das Boot was a hit, and both the awesome fake mustache and batting helmet were in play a few nights. Let's recap, shall we?

Das Boot. I love that I still had my pinky up like I am classy!

Yeah, it SEEMED like a good idea to turn my "Team Top Gun" shirt around. I think this was Brewer and Apple Pie shot fault.

The helmet was in effect. I had to have a pic. BEST POPPED PINK COLLAR EVA!

The mustach-o fell off, but I adapted! Those eyes say...DRUNK!

24 March 2010

Oh hell yeahs.....

Sexy Rexie and Nacho will be the stars of THIS years season of Hard Knocks. I absolutely can not wait to see a camera follow Ryan around. Also will be some goods because LT's wife will be on the verge of popping!

God Dammit, Duffy!

I am taking a deep breath and posting THIS for you today. We can't keep talent due to money, and can't grow talent without turning them into headcases. STAY on your MEDS, Greinke!

I can't say I am looking forward to this year for baseball, and that is a sad thing for me to say. Gordon can't stay on the field, our lineup is completely going to change and who the hell knows what the fuck Meche is got going on. Big sigh. Oh to be a Royals fan.

Few more weeks till Draft. Ready to see what OT we pick up so maybe we can formulate some kind of line for the million dollar clipboard man to stand behind. Looks like Chambers will be back in red next year and that makes me happy. Here's to hoping Bowe gets his act together as well. Honestly in my opinion, this is a very talent rich draft. Let's hope we get someone who can contribute right away and can continue to grow as a team. On a draft note, I took a sample Wonderlick test just for the shit of it the other day. Suck my ass Tim Tebow, I scored higher than you. Where is your Jesus now?

23 March 2010


KA-BLAM, it is the sound of brackets busting all over the country.

I won't be one of "those" fans. KU played a terrible game, couldn't get it together and Collins was awful. Coaching was not good. And that is all I got to say about that. So, uh....GO BIG 12.

Re-runs of Stump the Schwab have been on in the morning, and I have been watching them and remembering how much I loved that show. I wish they would do a "vagina version" and I think I could do really good. NHL always fucks with me and any coaching stuff, but I can clean up on me some football and baseball. Also I always have to check the air dates. Otherwise I am screaming out answers that would fit the questions other than they have not occurred yet. I rock. Plus, got much love for Schwabbie, he might be the only guy who has a more extensive jersey collection than myself.

Need to get my butt in gear and set up mobile blogging again from the new Crackberry. Lupe is getting an out of state pass for Omaha Bullshooters dart tourney this weekend, and am sure there will be some debauchery to blog aboooout.

Still owe you a Royals rundown. Some day I will get my ass in gear, but today is not that day. Blah blah...more basketball...woohooo go Baylor and KSU....(can you tell my heart is not in it).

18 March 2010

Let the....

Madness begin!!

Now that my liver is properly seasoned for March Madness with everyone's favorite holiday Green Beer day, let's get down to some round ball!

Lupe's early day winners are Old Dom, 'Nova, Florida and Vandy. We get through those and I will be ready for a nap.

Last night it was brought to my attention that the Royal's home opener is the day of the Nat Champ game. I have decided this day will be better than my birthday this year, and we all know how much I love my birthday!

17 March 2010


HAPPY ST. PATTY'S DAY. May the green beer flow like water for you, and hopefully your poopies won't be too discolored tomorrow!

Yeah, here it is in Spring Training already and I have been not blogging. Someone needs to put their foot square up my ass. Terrible is I went back to past posts to figure out where to pick up, and I think I can pretty much just call it good to start fresh. Royals rundown to follow soon I promise!

March Madness is in full swing, and after collecting all the brackets for my office pool, it seems like the masses think my hawks got a good look at another championship. Def wouldn't hurt my feelings any!!

Oh...Lupe and Whore, boobing it up for you. Some day she will learn what team to cheer for!