15 April 2011

Where's Waldo??

It has been a hot minute since I have updated, but I have not forgotten you all...I swear. Somewhat busy with my new adventure. Let's play...Where's Lupe.

08 October 2010

My dick look like super size....

Your dick look like two fries. OH NOES! If you ever had the hankerin to know what BritFar's dick looked like....well..."the more you know"-GI Joe.

And since I got ya'll singing Mickey now, here...enjoy...

Well wishes needed....

as Lupe and Whorski delve into an adventure of THIS kind of epic proportion this weekend. Yes, tall girl and fat kid are going to try to stumble themselves into being FOOTBALL PLAYERS!

I am not sure there is enough Red Bull to make this happen, but we shall see. Line players are supposed to be fat, right? Run...they don't need to run, riiight? Okay, I'm good.

06 October 2010


What did I miss?


Birdman...WHY can't you be MINE??

04 October 2010

Bye week blues...

Nothing sucks worse than a bye week to kill your rolling start of a season. Football felt a little less meaningful without my favorite jersey on. I think less beer was actually consumed, which for Lupe is a definite sign of depression.

Bye weeks not only make a longing in your heart for YOUR team to play while you watch everyone else, but also tend to be the start of havoc wrecking for fantasy. I swear to it, ONE of these years I will learn to plan with those little numbers by the name, not just scramble on the dreaded BYE week. Tis okay, and lesson learned. Welker, you put up 14 little points tonight, and you sir, have saved my ass.

But on the bright side, my Chiefs are still the only undefeated record of the season....had someone told me I would be saying that the first week of October, I would have had to pull the bullshit card. But here I am, very happy and hoping this week we can make our fair share of Super Payton Pouty Faces™.

I'm sure my blues will fade with the always welcome MNF in addition to MND (Monday Night Darts) I shall leave you with a parting gift of maybe my favorite MNF commercial ever...


30 September 2010

3 and Mother Trucking O

First order of liver and I survived Vegas yet again. Sorry for the delay in posting, I just take advantage of the fact you are all used to it by now.

Yeah, I need to post, because when ever have I got to be this excited about Chiefs football for a long ass time.

I would like to start this post by saying, yeah...McCluster was my last round steal in fantasy and I started him last week in my flex. I was in the shower listening to the game, and about tore the shower curtain down yelling "GO GO GO GO" as he broke out and ran for touchdown. Happily there was no sliding and naked hospital-shower-concussed mishaps. Also, I finally broke my losing streak in fantasy.

But, all that fails to compare to being able to say CHIEFS...AFC WEST LEADERS!! Yes, I has only been three games, but they are playing fucking GOOD! Our D is smashing, special teams is kicking ass, Weis is spreading that O out, for the first week since we wrote him the big check Cassel didn't look like a total douche and oh...despite fantasy owners wanting to lynch Coach McScreamy, we are leading the NFL in rush offense. " That'll do pig, that'll do"

14 September 2010



Yes, that is what I lost BOTH of my fantasy match ups by. TOTAL. As in lost by 2 total points in one league and less than a point in the other. Damn you LaToe, damn you all to hell. It is not a good start to go 0-2. Maybe I would be okay if we could take the QB position out of the equation. All in favor say, "aye"....all opposed, well screw you.

07 September 2010

This weekend....

did not suck either!

Man, I think Inge is a midget.

Normally if I pick a Royals outing, that is when they lose. They can take a series but the one game I attend will be a loss. But not this Sunday. Gorgeous day and with some good bats and terrible defensive play by Dets, we steal one and I get to see a W. I think the only thing I can say for the Royals is thanks for yet another year of way too much beer and disappointment. Soon enough, it will be over right?

Last Weekend....

did not suck. Got out for a preseason game, and although my Chiefs lost it in the last few, my last round steal Dexter McCluster looked pretty good. Boys step it up and get a W against GB. Yes, I know it is only preseason but any time Cassel isn't on the ground for every second play, it gets me a little excited.
Parking lot action....THIS is awesome. Beer bong crossed with pink flamingo? Brilliant! The girls in their seats....Not too shabby! There's my boys!