30 June 2009

Slacky McSlackerson.....

I know I know...have been slacking. With good reason. Those reasons are too much darts, beer and other obvious distractions.

Excited to see Mauer hit tonight. Loving that a catcher is almost batting .400 but in the same breath, I hope Banny can shut him down.

I'm not recapping, but some of our boys were swingin good last night, and we get the W, and are on a 2 game streak....keep it goin, guys!!

Insert Hockey and NBA draft coverage (blah blah blah).

Is it time for NFL YET, woosa!

25 June 2009

It was...

a severe clusterfuck, that ended well....We pull the W in extra innings. No time to give you a Lupe recap, read the rundown HERE. Soria blows, we bounce it off the wall and Farnsworth gets hurt....

Banny pitching, and listening to the game now. I am got my fingers crossed for a sweep!

24 June 2009

And momma cooked a breakfast....

with no hog.... (insert head bobbing here)

I must say I am excited about this week of inters.....Greinke got it right last night, throws 8 with no walks and whiffs 5. I was more excited though to see him bat. Kid loves to hit, and would have been stellar to see him hit one out. Soria comes on and gets the W. Please god let this be a sign we are gonna start bringing it all together. If nothing else, at least we get to play Pitt end of week, and well...they suck as bad as us.

Crisp out for the season. I can't say I am too sad about this. Mitchie M should prob take his place, although they can always stick Bill Pecota, I uh mean Bloomquist out there. I hope that Maier gets a chance.

Let's see....Chiefs sign some kicker from like the last round of the draft. Not sure that is very newsworthy, but they are retiring DT's number which is pretty sweet. Read about that HERE. Less than a week before they will be reporting to River Falls. I am sure it is premature, but I am getting really excited for the season already. I know its going to be a tough row to hoe, new QB, new D but really this is the first time we have been given something new to try, for awhile. I just hope it works.

NBA Draft tomorrow. Is there ANY chance Griffin doesn't go first pick? Even tho I despise the NBA, I am still gonna have to watch to see how some of my fave college guys do.

Can I say how much I hate running home on lunch to see that tennis is on. Thank god there is more than one ESPN and it was showing Sportscenter.

23 June 2009

Feckin Iggles.....

This post is late, but better late than never...

7 Time pro-bowler...the first player in NFL history to record a sack, interception, forced fumble, and a touchdown reception IN A SINGLE GAME. I don't think many guys hit harder than Dawkins....I have adored his play for so long, and now I have to say I can no longer cheer for him as a FUCKING BRONCO.

So, Heckert decides to not actually extend McNabb's contract, but just throw more money over to him. Like oh...5.3 million. Everyone knows I am not a fan of McNabb so I won't even start on that, but to see a guy like Dawkins play his whole career with the Iggles to see him go to Denver to let it die, kills me. They let Dawkins walk, free agent Buckhalter (who I know is a gamble but did well last season in Westbrook's absence) and don't even get me started on Brown.

This is me making the imaginary fuck off sign to Heckert. I WILL NOT cheer for the Broncos. I WILL NOT.

Ugh, really?

I was disgusted enough I couldn't bring myself to post yesterday. Not only did the Royals need a day off but so did I. Just when we were starting to pull it together somewhat, we drop our last 5 and not even closely. Pujols put on a fucking hitting clinic this weekend, even banging one like 4change to hit the new Hall of Fame building. More interleague this week with Astros and then the Buckos. Greinke pitching tonight...please can we have a few games where something doesn't blow up, and we maybe have a few hits? Jobu, if your listening, bitch I got some rum.

I must be irritated today not just over the slide we are on, but general sports shit all together. If I hear ONE MORE THING about Favre I might go postal. We all know he is going to be a Viking. SO STFU about it already, announce it and let some fools spend bucks on a jersey they gonna wear for 4 games till he rides the bench from throwing a record number of picks.

That's all your getting ass is too distracted.

19 June 2009

Welcome to the Bad Boy's Club.... it all HERE. Commis speaks out, yet the Browns have yet to release him or much press.

Don't worry, your seat is right over there under the sign that says "Future Property of Al Davis".

Interleague shminnerleague...

Royals drop the series to Az with another ass scorching 12-5 loss....ugh. We still have a few inters left and remember, we went 13-5 in interleague games last year.

I want to talk about a word. That word is defined HERE. Consistency. I think that is the biggest prob the Royals have right now. Hoch, when you pitch an 80 pitch full game, and follow with 81 pitches in the 4th on your next outing, there is something missing. The consistency we have had this season is errors and bull pen pitching that blows ass. Last night we give up 2 homers from the pen and 2 wild pitch homers, and commit 3 errors. No matter how we hit, if we are giving those runs away it won't matter. People can say injuries of three of our players has something to do with it....although I am sure it doesn't help, I think it is about time to just start owning up. We have less experienced players on the field and when that happens, the streaks are going to happen. It is a roll with the punches kinda time for Royals fans right now. Bullpen, pull your head out your ass for god's sakes!

I-70 series this weekend, with Friday and Sat sold out. HERE are some interesting numbers on the ammt of asses people are dragging out to see the boys....The real question I want answered is will Davies shave the beard now that its summa and it would be making him sweat like a fat girl writing her first love letter?

Manny eligible to return July 3. Sosa's name leaked on the 'roids list. I would have more to say about it if I cared. I will try and act surprised. A little baby daddy drama for Dirk for Father's Day, HERE. And speaking of daddies, Brady apparently "completed" a lil something in the off season, HERE. I think Bernard Polard is a shoe-in for the godparent, don't you?

17 June 2009

Zack ackkkkkkk akkkkkkk akkkkkk.....

First, let's get THIS out of the way, proving I truly am NOT the worst sports better in the world. (Thank god no one knew about those bets I laid on that Notre Dame game last year...)

Royals have been on the up and up other than a rather crappy showing by Greinke last night, with us dropping a 12-5 loss to Az. Thus ending a 4 game streak we had going.....ack! The good news is we are swinging our bats now, and pitching is coming around. Our starters are getting full game wins with decent pitch counts and keeping what has been a fairly stinky bullpen out of the mix. We are still committing WAYYY too many errors and leaving men stranded, which is no bueno, but it is improving over that rough ride we had been on the last few weeks.

Skip, with his awesome facial hair, (Exhibit A) gets selected to rep the AL in the midsummer classic...fairly cool. Might be the only Royal there, but he will look damn good doing it.

Does it seem that A Gord has been gone forever to anyone else? My god, I miss you Alex. Reports are saying he has been jogging and taking grounders and hitting in practice. I last heard he is scheduled back sometime after All-Star break. It can not come soon enough. Bloomquist has officially played every position this year other than pitcher or catcher....I am ready to have some kind of normalcy back.

Hoch on the hill tonight following up that awesome 80 pitch full.....that makes me happy as he last year was a guy who would go 6 and pitch 100 balls easy. Fingers are crossed for a good outing and some hits to go along with.

15 June 2009

Sweep Sweep Sweep!!

Boys in blue pick up the series with Cinci this weekend....much needed!! I am too lazy and behind to break it all down, but pitching looked good and we had some serious batting, for a whole recap go HERE.

Pitt wins the Stanley cup, which doesn't really much change that I think Sid the Kid is still a huge homo...

Lakers win as well, and my hatred for Kobe grows.

I think that about sums it up. Royals off, start a homestand with Ariz this week to warm up for the good ole I-70 series this weekend.

12 June 2009


We drop another one in the 10th last night after a ball HITS A FUCKING BIRD and the Tribe scores. To watch highlights of the ass ache, go HERE. I have decided that Farnsworth needs different glasses. That has to the the problem...maybe we can find him something a lil more like this....
Our 'pen is killing us. When we are finally swinging sticks, and have pitchers giving solid starts, relief is just no where to be found. Zack was stellar as always, he has got to be frustrated with loss and two no-dec in his last three starts, but he seems to be staying focused and putting the ball where it needs to be. Olivo homers in his third straight....everything is there, we just got to get it all together now.

11 June 2009

11K = 9-0

It is baseball equation. Also an equation that makes me damn happy... We found our bats, Callispo with his first Grand Salami in the majors, and went 4-4. Guillen and Olivo also banging the bats with authority to log multi-run homers. It was soooo needed.

I just mostly saw highlights, but damn if Meche didn't look damn good. I honestly thought he might have thrown the whole damn game from recap. Looked like the back was not an issue, and his throws had something on em, he was droppin like pitches we had seem from him in prior seasons, but the biggest was he looked at ease out there, something we have not seen from him a lot this season, specially since the beginning of May. Hopefully Greinke and crew can come out with a repeat performance tonight. It felt good to see us climb over the Tribe in standings. Now, if we can add some insult to injury.

10 June 2009

Welcome to the basement....

Royals have lost 9 of their last 10 games.....and Indians have now crapped over us in the standings. The good thing about the bottom is there is only one direction to go...

Let me tell you JUST how happy I am that we signed Cruz to a 2 yr over 2 mil contract. Man, is HE worth it. I need to give some of the finger shaking to Jamey Wright as well, but damn....last 7 day ERA 33.75. Gave up one of the most ass aching losses I have seen this season. I was watching till the 6th. We are up and about to take it to the Tribe bullpen which has been much less than stellar this year. I get up and check box score and much to my dismay find out that the only thing royal about Cruz is his ability to partner with Wright to give up 8 fucking runs after we held them scoreless in 5 innings. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? I guess what concerns me is this was a guy who's ERA was right about a buck and a half on my birthday...we gave up a 2nd round pick...and he seems to be falling off quicker than a drunk girl's prom dress.....

I covered Crow already, but in all the draft for us was kinda like that little shiny white speck on the top of a pile of chicken shit that doesn't QUITE look like it is part of the actual shit....we snatch Crow and Wil Meyers and will quite actually be able to sign both. I'm sticking with WS Champ Royals in '11. Power of positive thinking!

A lil local flavor....

Royals take Aaron Crow in the 12th round last night. Local kid who went to a high school right out of Topeka...played for Mizzou, was the Big 12 pitcher of the year in 2008, going 13-0 with a 2.35 ERA. Passover last year by the Nats and so has been pitching in some independent league.

While I understand the motive, bringing in a potentially "ready" starting pitcher, the way we are struggling now with generating hits just makes me scratch my head a tiny bit. We seem to have some decent pitching, where as the backing of the gloves behind and mostly our inability to generate runs has been our demise of late. Granted this is just NOW and if I have learned one thing from the Allan Baird era, you gotta look to the future sometimes as well.

Let's all welcome the new boy in blue...

09 June 2009

Happy Birthday, Philly....

Now, that we got THAT out of the way.... Naw, seriously, Happy Birthday...I know your celebrating right!

Royals...oh forlorn Royals. Where do I even begin? I have been slacking, and we did have one W in the mix to break up our losing Let's focus on the positives. We can still vote for some boys in blue to get to the ASG? HERE. Teahen is starting to swing the bat decently again, somewhat? The draft is today? Okay, so much for the positives. WAIT...we aren't LAST in our division yet. Ding Ding...what do we have for her, Johnny??

Chiefs..YEAH..let's talk about the Chiefs!! Mini camp done and they are doing the team activities now...more on that HERE.

There are still some basketball and hockey going on. This is me making the face pretending to care. My pics are the Lakers and if anyone is surprised. I only want the Wings to win, in hopes K-el shares her winner beer with me.

I have been following the Favre-Vikings crap here of late, even though I am just so over him. I think that it ticks me off the most is he is still somehow whining and crying and getting media attention, with his sideshow antics...I have lost all respect for the man, and just wish he could have stayed retired the first time and let himself be upheld as one of the good in the game, not to be known as the guy who just didn't know when to give it up. At this point, I just say they let JD Booty have a shot. Only cause I want a jersey that says BOOTY on the back. Giggle.

So, day of rest for my Royals and Banny pitching today. If there every was a time for them to regroup and come together it is now. Pick up the pace and take it into All-Star break with some wins...Tribe is in the basement....time to let us climb up a little bit.


05 June 2009


Fuck Kobe. Yeah, I said it. And why we are at it....Fuck BJ Upton.
Nothing like facing a guy hitting like .200 with only 2 yards so far and letting him drop the 2 run go ahead on ya. How ya feeling Jamey Wright? Thanks for being the lead for the 7th straight drop. MY GODDDDDD when will it END. My ass is too sore to take much more. Let's face it. Our bullpen with the exception of Soria is basically looking like crap, everyone is hurt-getting hurt-sore-so much it leads me to contemplate things like how much chew Mike Jacobs can actually fit in his mouth or calculating how many players have played more that 2 positions this season while watching the game instead of ACTUALLY WATCHING THE GAME.

At least Greinke pitches another country. Maybe that is it...if we go to a whole other country we might win.
Vinatieri and Westbrook both with pre-season baby surgeries...I am having draft board dreams of late. I don't want to overshadow baseball, but damn.
There is some hockey, basketball and tennis I guess I could pretend to care about...but instead, how bout a lil side by side Lupe fun...

Its gotta be awesome to be the twinkie of one of the most recognized people in the porn industry!!

03 June 2009

My sports soul....

feels empty today. I am stuck in that lull where I am pissed off about baseball, football is too far away and every time I channel flip through everything all I see is tennis and some other shit I don't care about anyways.

Royals off Monday to come back rested and look like big diddly do-do against the Rays. WE SUCK AGAIN. No more Royals talkie talkie for today.

In other news I am trying to make myself care about, Ichiro extends hitting streak to 26, and I hear he is real big in Japan...almost as big as THIS GUY.

The BIG UNIT (he he I SAID UNIT) goes for his 300 tonight. HERE is a bite on him...

Insert playoff jerk off for NHL and NBA here...cuz I can't seem to care about them either.....

01 June 2009

Weekend hang oooover.....

So yeah, hungover sun burnt Lupe checking in. Can you really feel any other way a Royals fan right now? Unfortunately, I don't think drinking the pain away on the current situation will work. I have a strong feeling till Meche and Banny get those levels up, and we start batting and get everyone healthy, its gonna be downhill from here.

I went and saw Greinke pitch yesterday and his ball didn't seem to have the same on it...and I was really questioning some of those set-ups. The slippery slope for the Royals worsens. I as always predicted this, but really figured we would hold out for complete meltdown till AFTER the All-Star break, but what do I know...I am just a kid...with a dream. Oh look....a gator!! The Trey Hilman-Dayton Moore bashing should be up to par in a few days. Sorry folks, not buying. I know Baird left a bad taste in your mouth, but from what I see, Moore is really trying to secure a good underclass and help us with some free agency. He is a build it from the foundation up kinda guy and that is what he is doing. It ain't gonna happen overnight, for you fly by night kinda fans. Sit back, buy your Greinke in '11 shirts and enjoy the fucking ride. Success has to be built...and we are on the right track, even though the track feels bumpy as fuck. If we win .500, and Butler and Gordon come on, we have had a successful year.

Hate that Bron is getting raked in the media for his actions at the conclusion of the he didn't give interviews, so what? He steps up for almost everything. Sometimes we just forget athletes are humans that have feeling and emotion just like everyone else. Yes, they have a talent which makes them amazing at something we all aren't, but it doesn't make them have any right or debt to society....they are simply creatures like us all. Give the man a break, he has been carrying that fucking team ALL season long in one way or another.

It is way too early in the baseball season to already be thinking how long it is till football starts.

Time to go aloe the sunburn and drink some damn water. I never understood how your so hungover, when a hangover is mostly dehydration....and beer is mostly contrived of water? It just doesn't make any sense to my simpleton mind!