24 November 2009

OMG Greinke wins the CY YOUNG!!

Yeah...we tend to agree, and so does everyone else, pretty much by a landslide!!
I am way happy for Mr., with that said, enjoy some images and a link to the story of his hot girlfriend, HERE.

I owe you guys...

A hell of a lot of posts....

"So, you got the money?"..."Yep, you got the yayo?"

Bowe out for 4 weeks for PED's. Some boys will never learn....The good news is, we didn't even need him, and still somehow pulled out a HUGE win this week.
Take that...terrible towel!!
Knocking off the defending Superbowl Champs in OT is probably just good enough, I promise not to bitch about anything else for the rest of the season....

12 November 2009

Bad biscuit....

Yeah, I have been sucking at posting worse than a prom date on her 4th vodka shot...I know.

Where to even freaking start. Yanks win a few more days Greinke should be the Cy. Chiefs cut ties with LJ, which I am so happy for.....

Even tho our shitty record doesn't reflect it, our boys are growing and becoming more sound week by week. They are improving, getting better and at least losing without showing that they have taken suck to a new level.

Hmm..what else, what else...oh look...a kitty.