29 May 2009

Never bet....

with a one armed black man, who is shooting darts.....Ugh. I really though Magic were gonna win even though I wanted Bron Bron to pull it off. And he did, and I lost a bet. I really gotta start going with my gut. Roller coaster of a game, and I liked that Bron only had like something 17 points? The rest of the boys are starting to step up, which is good cause I'm sure King James' shoulders were getting a little tired... I don't see any way the Cavs win this series, but god damn would it make me happy if they did.

My productivity is low, and I blame this substance known as Jager. I am fairly sure they bottle Hitler's sweat in hell and that is what is in that green bottle. Whooo.

Home girl wins the National spelling bee....more on that HERE.

Feel-good story of the day for my boys in blue HERE.

Banny pitching today, and I have a good vibe for them starting out with him and ending the series with Zack. Struggling Meche in the middle, but he is up against Buehrle, so hopefully his ass is still stinging from that Pirates game. Shameless plug for my fave Pirates boy HERE.

HERE is a good Friday ender. Laugh it up. I love the Brett out the dugout like a pissed off chicken, although I have always loved Piniella.

Happy weekend, Bitches!!

28 May 2009

It had to be shown...

I know I already talked about it earlier, but I never turn down a chance to talk about the skip, and the side by side killed me....

Man, I hate Whitlock

He absolutly doesn't know how to be positive about ANY situation, does he? Proof HERE.

Here is a question? Why would we go out and offer this guy a huge contract unproven? Yes, we have the money now to pay him, but we are gonna have it later as well. Why not let the guy see what he can do. Granted, it is even hard for me to be a super optimist with our O line-WR situation, but still. Cold feet, Whitty? What is exactly wrong with letting the boy prove himself?

I should just chuck it up to another submission in the Jason Whitlock haters club, but really as a Chiefs fan I am excited to see Cassel come. We all know there is work to be done with this club, but a solid front foundation has been laid, and I don't think we can snap fingers and expect everything to fall into place.

How many more damn days till football season, again?

Manny being Manny, and Mark Buckner....

VOTE early, vote often, vote Royals.

Can I also say that in regards to the All-Star game, I love the fact that there is a possible Manny could come back from a suspension, to play in it a few days later. I did some research, and him being suspended on Day de Lupe, his suspension would be up, and I have seen nothing where Mr. Selig has any rule about him playing. Irony. It proves to me really fans are just not on the 'Roid witch hunt that the media has kinda lead... I figure this, he does his suspension, and his "debt to society" is paid. It is kinda like smoking pot in your 20's. You know a hell of a lot of people do it, but it never matters till someone gets popped with it, and a week later your all smoking it up together again. The game has changed, it has evolved....Shit, we know none of THESE guys juiced it up...but I don't think anyone is really hung up on the great 'Roids debate. We are going to continue to see players get slapped for it, and we will still go out to see 'em play 50 games later.

Royals...really? REALLY? Dropped it to the div leader 3-8 yesterday...Someone needs to explain simple math to Mark Teahen, who has actually been playing well. One homer isn't quite greater than a 3r error, where the ball goes through your legs like a co-rec game after a case of beer. Thank you, Mr. Buckner, Jr. Banny on the mound when the Sox come to town. I am ready for Sunday so I, and apparently the rest of the city can go watch Greinke pitch again.

I liked this amazing revelation about the skip..only cause I have a tiny crush on his facial hair...Check out his new semi-twinkie HERE.

I was gonna start a Jason Whitlock tirade, but I think it is actually its own post worthy....sooo...

27 May 2009


Greinke just keeps looking better and better. Pitched his 5th full game last night. He just continues to impress me and is looking smarter in outings. Gave no walks, 8k and 6 hits. That is just damn good ball chucking. Olivo should get some credit here, they have become quite the dynamic duo and Olivo is getting in the right positions and making the set ups that are making Greinke look good as well. Coco out with soreness...we are injury plagued...ugh. Maier comes in with the big bat though, and thank god...we win a damn game. I think a lot of people have shit to say about him pitching completes, already yelling burnout and overwork. I really don't see this as a problem, when he is watching his pitch count. If he can go out and throw a complete and keep it under 110-120 pitches, is that really different than some of our other guys coming out and throwing 6-7 innings and the same amt of balls? Greinke is just a smarter thrower right now. They threw up some stat last night that showed the lineup batting like .160 at the third through. That makes a point. Zack is taking note of the batters, and not only throwing quality stuff, but adapting and setting himself to command the game, not just go out there and throw till he gets relief.

Day game with Davies up. I really hope we can steal another game and make some ground up on Detroit. Hillman and his fine facial hair on a one game suspension for the asschewing he delivered on Monday....

Insert blah blah 'canes and Pens. I just hope Pens can win it all now....insert blah blah NBA...I am sad to see the season end for King James...and here is bit on Birdman I kiped HERE.

Back to the grind.


For anyone who doesn't know what it is, go HERE to get the skinny....but yeah, amazing idea for such a good cause, and SUCH fun. Here is a short excerpt.

Yeah...she is a cute bitch sometimes....
Cups?? We don't need no stinkin cups. Champs do it like this.....Why does my thumb look freakishly large here though?
There is a penis joke in there somewhere....and she made hers bigger. The whore.

Why walk, riding in shopping carts seemed like a MUCH better Lupe idea.
All in all, it was a successful awesome time. Our sponsor Martin Law kicks ass, as well. So if you should ever find yourself in a skirmish with the cops, call them! (End shameless plug)

26 May 2009


In our last 10 games. I was holding on to the fact we might wait to self destruct till AFTER the All-Star break. Guess not so much. We did pick up the Sunday win to keep a Cards sweep at bay, but fuck me if we probably wont drop all three of the Detroit games.

Greinke pitching tonight. My fingers are crossed. I don't know what the hell is up, positional players all switching up. I just chose to trust in Trey. How can you think someone with a goatee THAT good doesn't know what he is doing??

I am fairly sure there is other sports shit going on, but I am too fucking tired to discuss. Brady practiced today I think. Wonder if the Bernard Pollard night sweats have subsided yet. I am damn ready for football to start.

Playing in a WSOP qualifier tomorrow. More on that...tomorrow. It is nappietime.....

22 May 2009



Eliza Dushku, could poss be my hottest girl of the moment. Her stock drops badly, if THIS is true.

Does anyone BUT me remember how bad the Celts were in the 90's. He just LOOKS like a giant d-bag...and was married to super hottie V. Williams...and cheated.

I will forever scratch my head at how some of the hottest girls end up with these guys. Ugh...


The ESPN's MVP (most valuable puppet) thing is about the gayest thing I have witnessed. Now that I got THAT off my chest.

Malkin (Remember that kid who couldn't score in any series so far to save his life?) with a hat trick. I REALLY want Ward and 'canes to pull this off...but it is looking bleak. By the way I don't think I have lately mentioned my disdain for all things Pitt. I am glad also I never witnessed a hat trick in all my hockey watching. I really LIKE most of my hats.

I could again pretend to care about the NBA, but you all know I would be lying. So, instead Nugs are still in it, and gratuitous pictures of my favorite white man version of Rodman...



Number 5 says Sorry HERE, Greinke looked like some had come off yesterday, his heat was lacking and I am not sure Olivo was on with some of those set-ups...the boy throws 104 pitches in a full game, and then 103 in like 6. UGH!! Butler continues to hit well....Just let us get through the I-70 in good shape and I will stay positive.

My boy Sherron in the news, HERE.

In other news....I found the beer left over from my birthday, and its a long weekend. Score and Score. Off to go work more on the flip flop tan....

21 May 2009


Royals lose one last night, Meche didn't look poised, and Wright....well he got in trouble right off. The good news is I did work on my flip flop tan, the beer was cold, and I was still staggering around the parking lot listening to us ALMOST come back to win second night in a row.

Greinke pitching today, and I have seriously thought of any and every excuse to skate out and go, but no deal. Duty calls. I even tried Occular Rectitis. Can't see my ass staying at work.

I have always thought Carson Palmer a huge d-bag, but now he is talking shit on Chad Ochocinco. More on that HERE. I happen to like 85. So go get bent Palmer.

Nowitzki apparently likes the crazy bitches...more HERE.

Pens-Canes tonight...Please let Cam Ward play like a stud. Ovechkin names SN's NHL player of the Year. DUH..if you wanna read it go HERE.

Also for any of you who are missing college hoops already, I found THIS interesting. Tom Izzo? Hmm he can dance too...

Andddd...I'm spent!

20 May 2009

Don't you guys go anywhere. I plan to put on a hitting display....

RALLY RALLY RALLY!! So my boys rally with four runs in the ninth inning 'ginst the Tribe to pull off the most awesomeish win for a long time for KC, and of course I miss it! Royals win 6-5!!
I watched the first few innings of Banny try to bring it in, but gave up and went out for some fresh air, and go fucking figure. Maybe I should just stop watching games and we might start streaking again.

We are game back and Meche pitching tonight. He seems to struggle away but decent at home, and I am heading out to the party deck to keep my fingers crossed for him. Wings, beer and baseball. Yep, I love my life.

19 May 2009


First Madden, now Kornheiser announced he will step down from MNF. Of course expected to replace him is Gruden. Really...I hate Gruden. More on this HERE.

As long as Jaws stays on board, I can be okay with this, and only hope for some good Gruden temper tantrum BS.

18 May 2009

Yeah..I am aware...

I have been slacking bigtime. I turned 30 and had all kinds of excitement that's been a touch distracting.

Hmm..Royals dropped too many games. Pitching looks rough, and we aren't hitting like we were. That basically catches that up. Currently watching Yanks win 6th straight without Rivera..impressive. Pens get first of series tonight as well... More to come I promise!

06 May 2009

A few houskeeping items...

First, my boy Zack is up for the Pepsi clutch something mumble bs something...go vote for him HERE.

There is a good chance I will be MIA for a few days. Birthday de Lupe is nothing to fuck around with. There will most likely need to be a recovery period. Especially after the find of the day, which is Jim Beam and Ginger Ale. Like already in a can...mixed and READY TO GO. It must have been handed down from God himself. I am still in afuckingmazement!

Ponson with the start tonight, and I hope this boy can finally get a win. We seem to be rolling, here of late....I am cited for Thurs tho. Sweeny got picked by the Mariners, so I hope to at least see him DH....and then to see Griffey Jr. play...well, I have always had some adoration for him as a player. EXCITED!! Everyone look for 10 drunk ass bitches on tv...that will be us.

Game 3 of Pens-Caps tonight...I think Caps win this one and shore up the series. But, hey, what the hell do I know.

05 May 2009

A few randoms...

On my favorite designated drinking holiday....cuz its sprinkling and I'm inspired.

Ribs < Carne Asada with grilled onions and lossa red peppers...

PBR < Sol with a shot of Patron in the neck

Sox < Royals, even tho we are behind in the 4th...they can't lose on Cinco for fucks sakes, half the teams last name is Pena!

Speaking of, B Pena clears waivers and is sent to triple A. Pena (the non hitting one) will most prob have hand surgery...and I hope that traitor Dye strikes out...
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Happy Cinco de Drinko!!

I have always loved Cinco. I guess its the Lupe in me. I still don't have a Cinco that has been topped over the one I spent with Whore, full of golf...pork burritos...stealing huge margarita stirrers...leg humping fake Mexicans...and arguing with a flight attendant that I was in fact drunk, but def not TOOO drunk to get on the plane.

As a huge fan of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", I have this tendency to walk in somewhere and say HEYYYYYOOOO BITCHES. But, I think this week it is gonna be, 6-0000000 BITCHES!! Man, Greinke is pitching phenomenally!!! He becomes only the third Royal to go 6-0 in their first six games of the season. For the inquiring minds, it was Saberhagen in 1987, and Jose Lima in 2003. Lima won seven before losing. I really don't know much what else to say about the Royals other than I am just thrilled all around with how we are playing....Seriously can not freaking wait for Thursday.

Caps lead series 2-0 with it going back to Pitt tomorrow night. Malkin scoreless in 5 games..proving if he can't score, they can't win. Even Sid the kid can't carry the whole team. Fleury not playing like his amazing ass self either.

04 May 2009

Welcome home A-Gord...

Royals up 3 and watching and flipping back and forth. Forgot how much I love Phineas and Ferb. Freaking funny!
Gordon back in KC today from his surgery in CO. Greinke pitching again tonight...damn I hope he goes 6-0.
Tonight, I have somehow in a weird way determined I value my friends over the promise of a steak dinner at the Majestic. Funny how convos develop cause I never thought about even comparing the two. But then the person running the comparison was kinda fucking stupid, and I have some fucking kick ass friends.
Also, a little side note for anyone who reads...I laugh at myself more than anyone and can take a lot, but if you sign posts anonymous and don't have nuts to sign names to what you have to say, well...they don't get published. Hey...I get to make the rules here, it is the perks of Lupeland!!

I want a damn theme song like Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. That might be fucking sweet!

Blogging from bed....

unfortunately it might be my death bed. I still have the death rattle cough going on, and am starting to get pissed at the fact I could possibly be sick on my mother fucking birthday. Hopefully a little Cinco de Drinko celebration will kill whatever I am fighting and I will be good to go.

In kick ass news, I found out that my friend Munch might push her kid out on my birthday. That would be rather sweet. I told her if that happens, she must name it Lupe, Jr. I honestly cant think of another person I share a birthday with.

Royals pick up 2 more in Minnesota, and are really playing fucking good. Pena on the Dl with a broken hand bone. This does not sadden me. Sometimes I really struggle trying to figure out what he is even doing here anyways...the boy can not hit.

[Pretend a game recap goes here] Yeah, sorry...just don't feel like it today. Excited that I will get to see Banny pitch on Thurs. He is the probable anyways.

Caps take the lead in the series. Malkin has not scored in like 4 games. Hmm...I think everyone can hype Sid the Kid all they want but if Malkin cant generate, this will be a short series.

01 May 2009

Weekend tide over...

It is old news, but still one of my favorite laughs. Could not get it to embed or whatever, so the link to listening to GB talk about shitting his pants, HERE. I find it good to have a sense of humor when talking about crapping your pants.

Also former Royal slugger Matt Stairs with a great comment on WHY he likes to hit those homers...

Did any of you watch TWIB as a kid? Damn I miss watching those bloopers... All you bitches have a good weekend!

Lupe el Wrongo as well...

Fuck me in the goat ass...someone smarter than me pointed out my obvious faux pas on previous post...NiQuil was Dennis Leary not George Carlin. Maybe I just have ingested enough that I don't remember the difference.

Exhibit A

Lupe el Sicko...

I am still fucking sick and miserable, so your not gonna be getting much out of me today. I am still holding strong that Red Bull, NiQuil and vitamin C can cure everything.....On a related note, I can never say NiQuil without hearing George Carlin saying ni BIG FUCKING Q uil... and then, really can you even say Carlin without spouting the 7. Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cock, Mother Fucker and Tits. I never understood tits..but hey. Why argue with a great.

First off, if you have not done so, GO VOTE on the All-Star ballot, like HERE. Otherwise, if your favorite player don't make it, don't whine and bitch.

Royals in MN all weekend before they come back for a week home stand which includes my birthday!! Soria is scheduled to be back...which I am happy for. Hitting is def coming on for us, and if we can get pitching shored up, I think it might be a damn good year. 0-3 Ponson, my favorite new smooth criminal is pitching tonight, and hopefully he can pull a W for his growing ERA. Checking current rotation, it is looking highly unlikely I will get to see Davies or Greinke pitch on my special day. Apparently, McClure didn't get the memo.

If I can not have to be pouring beers for THIS, I am so gonna be watching! Also any Mike and Mike fans, THIS be for you, also proving there are some things us girls are tougher at...cuz waxing your coochie hurts a HELL of a lot worse than your leg.

ESPN finally gets the memo....

that most of us KC folks have been trying to circulate for a long time. Jason Whitlock is a DICK.

Jerk off, race baiter, cramming opinion asshole has finally been released from ESPN and apparently found a new gig with AOL Sports. More on that, and his fat ass on a couch HERE.

I have absolutely hated seeing him as the voice of KC sports for so long. I don't think there has been an article he has written in the last 2 years that absolutely has not appalled me and made me shake my head, this guy NEVER has anything positive to say! Case in point HERE. Granted, out teams have struggled for years, but damn... In case he has not crawled out from behind that rock, wait BOULDER for his HUGE FAT ASS, Royals are division leaders, 4 of our bats at .300 or better with quite a few right at that mark...Greinke with an outstanding season, yet he chooses to report why we need to bring a character like Bonds to our organization?

I wish the Star could get on board with this anti-Whitlock thing. Maybe we can clone another Joe P. Love you Mr. Ponaski.