20 July 2009

The Heartbreak Kids....

I really and truly hoped that we could come back from the All-Star break with a renewed sense of hope. Half the season done, and we have a chance to still be a .500 ball club. Greinke is still shining, and some new acquisitions have made some positive shifts, and now A. Gord back on the field.

Wrong again, toots, wrong again.

Drop our first series after the break, but not only lose, we made it a freaking art form. Leading late in games with leads, our pen just can NOT get it done. We are making errors and no matter how well we are hitting, our late pitching and infield ball handling are killing us. Game recaps HERE.
Meche and the dreaded back spasms again have brought Ponson up. Ponson is one of those guys you never know what your gonna get.

Hall of Fame opened Friday night, and I missed it, but wanted to share THIS tribute video. Great coach, great man....Angels in town for a home stand. I hope we can get it together a lil bit more. Can't wait till Gordon starts swinging the bat well again.

In other news, Vick finally released today....ready to hear some speculation as to who might be interested in him. There are some definite teams who could use him. I think the man has served his time, reinstate the guy.....

Naked Erin Andrews has been all over the net this morning. I think it sucks she got her privacy jenkied, if that is truly what happened. Sporty 14 year old boys across the country probably have starched tube socks and sore wrists today. Had it been Bonnie B, I would have been first in line to download it! :)