14 August 2009

It's that time....

school is starting, fall sports practices...general running around like chickens with heads cut off. Oh yeah...and FOOTBALL!!

First, Royals are gonna get top billing. Gordon is starting to look like my favorite boy again and swinging the bat well. He is getting it back! We split with the Twins this series, and now head to Detroit. Pitchers are pitching decent and getting needed run support. Ready for a few home games, cause always love taking the kiddo to catch one or two as the summer winds down.

Chiefs finish training camp, and I am excited to see Toomer come to KC. Will give Bowe some competition and maybe make the kid step up. Hilarious article on some #27 trash talk HERE. More than anything I am just ready for football.

First fantasy draft on Sunday and I am sooo ready. I am playing in three leagues this year...I wonder if my head will spin and fly off actually trying to keep track of all my players and stats.

And the Eagles. While it was surprising to me, it makes sense. He is a McNabb style guy, and with Kolb's uncertainty I would say better to bring in someone who has played in the league even though I am not a huge Vick fan. He brings a lot of options to the O in Philly...even if he is used elsewhere besides QB. The questions will arise of how has he kept in shape and form and has he slowed-lost agility...but you can bet your buttons I will watch and find out. I think the guy committed heinous crimes...yes. He did his time, and should be given a chance to play just like other players before him that have had problems and served their suspensions. If nothing else, they can use him as a second wildcat and do some change up to keep some of those NFC D coordinators on their toes....I think it will be a cluster fuck, specially the first time any PETA protesters try to take their asses to the Link.


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Fantasy football:

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Glad to see you writing again!!