30 September 2010

3 and Mother Trucking O

First order of liver and I survived Vegas yet again. Sorry for the delay in posting, I just take advantage of the fact you are all used to it by now.

Yeah, I need to post, because when ever have I got to be this excited about Chiefs football for a long ass time.

I would like to start this post by saying, yeah...McCluster was my last round steal in fantasy and I started him last week in my flex. I was in the shower listening to the game, and about tore the shower curtain down yelling "GO GO GO GO" as he broke out and ran for touchdown. Happily there was no sliding and naked hospital-shower-concussed mishaps. Also, I finally broke my losing streak in fantasy.

But, all that fails to compare to being able to say CHIEFS...AFC WEST LEADERS!! Yes, I has only been three games, but they are playing fucking GOOD! Our D is smashing, special teams is kicking ass, Weis is spreading that O out, for the first week since we wrote him the big check Cassel didn't look like a total douche and oh...despite fantasy owners wanting to lynch Coach McScreamy, we are leading the NFL in rush offense. " That'll do pig, that'll do"