31 March 2010

4 days....17 hours...

till opening day! New season, and while as a Royals fan it is hard to be optimistic, I have promised myself to try. Active roster HERE. Jason Kendall, as much as I despise you landing here, the arm tat...HOT! Regardless, the party deck is calling my name, its time to work on my flip flop tan again!

I am not gonna be one of those fans who cries and bitches this year, I have made a vow. We still have so many young guys, so instead this is what I want to see us accomplish:

Royals finish .500 **Cough cough, I know**
Greinke with 15 wins. ( I know its a stretch, but if he has the run support from the team, very very possible)
Butler to hit 25 dingers. I just like to see a fat guy smack the ball!
Cruz to keep his ERA under 2.7. Unfortunately, this is PROBABLY the most unattainable, sadly.
The hottest ass in baseball, Alex Gordon to be on the field for at least 100 games this season.

Baby Steps!!


Special Agent Johnny Utah said...

The Pirates will have a better record than the Royals this year.

And you can take that to the bank.

Special Agent Johnny Utah said...

You can just call them the 1st Place Pittsburgh Pirates...

Lupe said...

oh snaps!