23 March 2010


KA-BLAM, it is the sound of brackets busting all over the country.

I won't be one of "those" fans. KU played a terrible game, couldn't get it together and Collins was awful. Coaching was not good. And that is all I got to say about that. So, uh....GO BIG 12.

Re-runs of Stump the Schwab have been on in the morning, and I have been watching them and remembering how much I loved that show. I wish they would do a "vagina version" and I think I could do really good. NHL always fucks with me and any coaching stuff, but I can clean up on me some football and baseball. Also I always have to check the air dates. Otherwise I am screaming out answers that would fit the questions other than they have not occurred yet. I rock. Plus, got much love for Schwabbie, he might be the only guy who has a more extensive jersey collection than myself.

Need to get my butt in gear and set up mobile blogging again from the new Crackberry. Lupe is getting an out of state pass for Omaha Bullshooters dart tourney this weekend, and am sure there will be some debauchery to blog aboooout.

Still owe you a Royals rundown. Some day I will get my ass in gear, but today is not that day. Blah blah...more basketball...woohooo go Baylor and KSU....(can you tell my heart is not in it).