24 March 2010

God Dammit, Duffy!

I am taking a deep breath and posting THIS for you today. We can't keep talent due to money, and can't grow talent without turning them into headcases. STAY on your MEDS, Greinke!

I can't say I am looking forward to this year for baseball, and that is a sad thing for me to say. Gordon can't stay on the field, our lineup is completely going to change and who the hell knows what the fuck Meche is got going on. Big sigh. Oh to be a Royals fan.

Few more weeks till Draft. Ready to see what OT we pick up so maybe we can formulate some kind of line for the million dollar clipboard man to stand behind. Looks like Chambers will be back in red next year and that makes me happy. Here's to hoping Bowe gets his act together as well. Honestly in my opinion, this is a very talent rich draft. Let's hope we get someone who can contribute right away and can continue to grow as a team. On a draft note, I took a sample Wonderlick test just for the shit of it the other day. Suck my ass Tim Tebow, I scored higher than you. Where is your Jesus now?