23 October 2009

I'm usually....

not much on the adds that most professional teams use these days, but I did like this one for Military Appreciation day for the Chiefs. Can be watched HERE.

Chargers this week, and although they are fresh off the loss to the 'Donks and we are riding our big fat W still, I am not sure we get the win. To our advantage, although a sucky advantage, RB LaDainian Tomlinson, FB Jacob Hester, WR Buster Davis and LB Jyles Tucker all missed practice this week with the Flu. Even worse, if they travel with the team and still sick, stuck in an airplane breathing on each other could be really ick. I am worried about SD's pass rush with the struggles 7 has had and our atrocious O line, but if he can connect with Bowe a few times, and LJ can run not only into the back of our line, but get some breaks I say we have a chance. Our Corners are mismatched with WR's but I expect Flowers to get lofty.

And the real question...
Will coach Screamy McScreamerson's arms come uncrossed yet again this week?