09 October 2009

Please send PrepH...

cause I know my ass is gonna ache over the Chiefs this week. I don't have near enough time to cover everything that is going wrong this season, but yeah...I think Pioli is in waaaaahhhhy over his head, and dear ole coach is havin kinda a rough time pulling OC and coaching duties. Lupe predicts the freaking 'Boys put a good 28 points up on us Sunday. Ughhhh.

Tailgate and game was a damn good time....don't let drunk people take your "mascot love" pics tho, they cut the heads off...Lots of beer, and wodka was consumed, grub was grilled perfectly, washers and football was played, and I even had a damn good tackle. I still got some wheels for a ole lady!

Little kid soccer only has 2 more games, thank god. Nothing like watching kids stand around cause they are so cold they don't want to play...and your freezing your ass off watching it.

I'm a fantasy pimp this year, still undefeated in 2 of the 3 leagues....but I have a bad feeling that is gonna end in at least one of those leagues this week. Say a prayer to fantasy Jesus for me.

Los Royales season complete. I promise I will get to a rundown on that soon. Still hoping for a Greinke Cy. He didn't look great in his last outing, but still....he is a solid choice. Keep fingers crossed.

There are just too many sports going on right now. I feel like I have baseball, football, hockey ADD. Flyers looked like shit against Crosby and his butt buddy Malkin....Phils are gonna win the whole thing all over again. I am trying so hard to still love baseball and be interested but....yeah but....

Hopefully will have some exciting news for you all after the weekend....