20 October 2009

Cry no more...

sad Chiefs fan, for Coach Screamy McScreamerson is here to save us. Okay, so we won't go that far, but least his arms came uncrossed for the end of the game.

Chiefs with the W. I like with the safety on the end it almost looks like we scored 2TD's instead of depending on Succup for all our scores. I wonder how many asses got chewed for dumping the water cooler on him. There is really not a lot to say about the game, it was kinda like watching two kids play Rock'em Sock'em Robots. It wasn't a great win, but could be monumental for us something to be happy about at least.

Although, he should be in a jolly mood I see that Tank Tyler felt his "one bad game and your our" wrath today and was traded for draft pick. I get it, fits in to the out with the old in with the new that Haley is bringing. Just sad to see all these guys who carried us through the terrible times get picked off one by one.

Got a little choked up when Stairs got in the box last night, thinking about Game 4 of last year, but even though my old Royal didn't come through Rollins banged the walk-off. Yanks head to LA now. God, I really hate the Angels and I really hate the Yankees. I can't even say I want anyone to win. Sad.