21 October 2009

I still can't adjust to this....

Even though, I have to be proud of how he is fitting into the Donkey's D. Went out of the game Monday, but returned. As much neg shit as the AFC West got for being a shitty conf, and as MUCH as I hate to say it, I love that Denver is undefeated. Other than my Chefs, I am a true positional player cheerleader, and my love for the X factor is well documented, but now the Donks have Knowshon Moreno since I have adored since UGA and always liked Correll Buckhalter with the Eagles when he could stay healthy. In PHI, there were only really 2 big "you can count on the HUGE plays" kinda guys on D, IMO. Although, I think the Dawk is the greatest Safety to roam the earth, I think why the Denver D is so good so far is, they are spreading those huge plays around. Every time you turn around someone is making a big play, or an important one, not just the same player. I hate to say it, but in C Bailey and A Goodman, they could have the most legit 1-2 punch at corner, and their secondary sure ain't nothing to balk at. Okay, enough of my crushing on BD, you guys will start thinking I'm a Bronco backer or some shit. In closing argument...Dawkins is the man who has successfully rocked ugly fucking throwbacks for teams and still remained awesome in them.
Exhibit A

Piss yellow, shit brown with those god awful bumblebee socks...yeahhh.

Exhibit B

Nothing says "tough" like powder blue and fairy yellow. GO TEAM!