16 October 2009


Vote for your favorite mascot HERE. Yes, I know it's janky. I like silly shit as such.

Also, CHECK this shit out. Is there a better job out there for Lupe? I think not.

'Skins in they hood this weekend. They are pretty damn unpredictable and we do have the fact that they gave up first wins to Detroit and Carolina, and that Zorn is their coach. I have my ugh about Haley at times, but Zorn much makes me go WTF is this guy doing. BUT. Today Haley replaces WR coach. Remeber, this is the coach spouting his "22 guys off the street" BS at the start of the season. He is in over his head, and now I feel acting straight on desperation. Either way, I feel like the Skins game is make or break for us. If we let them generate some god damn offense against us, and we lose, I see us going win less. I know I know...but it could happen folks.

Imma show my age here. But, hopefully some other ageful fuckers can appreciate. When I was a kid we had channels 62 (on a non cloudy or rainy day) so, I grew up listening to a LOT of baseball on the radio. My pops and I would set out on the porch of our house and listen to weekend afternoon games all the time growing up, yelling at my brother when he moved the wrong way and knocked our AM radio signal out of whack with his free-throw practices. Honestly still, I love hearing Denny Matthews voice when I am stuck in a car during a game, its just something I can not explain. I have tried to pass this to my kiddo as well, and being the awesome sports junkie she will ask to listen to the game over the radio most of the time. I wish I could put my finger on why, but that good announcer play by that makes a crucial play come alive in your mind...well it gives me the good kind of goosebumps. So, last night I did the unthinkable. Turned the TV off. Grabbed a beer, and listened to the Phillies win their game on the good ole AM radio. Still got that chill when Ramirez hit the knock and felt the excitement when Lidge came in...

I think there are things you learn from your parents you def hold dear for your entire life.