09 June 2009

Happy Birthday, Philly....

Now, that we got THAT out of the way.... Naw, seriously, Happy Birthday...I know your celebrating right!

Royals...oh forlorn Royals. Where do I even begin? I have been slacking, and we did have one W in the mix to break up our losing Let's focus on the positives. We can still vote for some boys in blue to get to the ASG? HERE. Teahen is starting to swing the bat decently again, somewhat? The draft is today? Okay, so much for the positives. WAIT...we aren't LAST in our division yet. Ding Ding...what do we have for her, Johnny??

Chiefs..YEAH..let's talk about the Chiefs!! Mini camp done and they are doing the team activities now...more on that HERE.

There are still some basketball and hockey going on. This is me making the face pretending to care. My pics are the Lakers and if anyone is surprised. I only want the Wings to win, in hopes K-el shares her winner beer with me.

I have been following the Favre-Vikings crap here of late, even though I am just so over him. I think that it ticks me off the most is he is still somehow whining and crying and getting media attention, with his sideshow antics...I have lost all respect for the man, and just wish he could have stayed retired the first time and let himself be upheld as one of the good in the game, not to be known as the guy who just didn't know when to give it up. At this point, I just say they let JD Booty have a shot. Only cause I want a jersey that says BOOTY on the back. Giggle.

So, day of rest for my Royals and Banny pitching today. If there every was a time for them to regroup and come together it is now. Pick up the pace and take it into All-Star break with some wins...Tribe is in the basement....time to let us climb up a little bit.



Special Agent Johnny Utah said...

Screw Favre.

Royals got a pretty decent player in the 1st round of the draft yesterday.

Lupe said...

Yeah, but all the arms in the world don't matter when you can't score some fucking runs.

/continues to pound head against wall

Special Agent Johnny Utah said...

Yeah, but baseball draft is different.

You're not gonna draft a guy, a hitter, and plug him right away in the ML lineup.

Even a kid like Ackley (#2 to Seattle) who his over .400 for three straight seasons may not see the bigs for a year or two.

Lupe said...

Yes, I agree...players need to be developed. I was just venting my frustrations about what the fuck we are doing right now, ie shitting the bed good.