17 June 2009

Zack ackkkkkkk akkkkkkk akkkkkk.....

First, let's get THIS out of the way, proving I truly am NOT the worst sports better in the world. (Thank god no one knew about those bets I laid on that Notre Dame game last year...)

Royals have been on the up and up other than a rather crappy showing by Greinke last night, with us dropping a 12-5 loss to Az. Thus ending a 4 game streak we had going.....ack! The good news is we are swinging our bats now, and pitching is coming around. Our starters are getting full game wins with decent pitch counts and keeping what has been a fairly stinky bullpen out of the mix. We are still committing WAYYY too many errors and leaving men stranded, which is no bueno, but it is improving over that rough ride we had been on the last few weeks.

Skip, with his awesome facial hair, (Exhibit A) gets selected to rep the AL in the midsummer classic...fairly cool. Might be the only Royal there, but he will look damn good doing it.

Does it seem that A Gord has been gone forever to anyone else? My god, I miss you Alex. Reports are saying he has been jogging and taking grounders and hitting in practice. I last heard he is scheduled back sometime after All-Star break. It can not come soon enough. Bloomquist has officially played every position this year other than pitcher or catcher....I am ready to have some kind of normalcy back.

Hoch on the hill tonight following up that awesome 80 pitch full.....that makes me happy as he last year was a guy who would go 6 and pitch 100 balls easy. Fingers are crossed for a good outing and some hits to go along with.