23 June 2009

Ugh, really?

I was disgusted enough I couldn't bring myself to post yesterday. Not only did the Royals need a day off but so did I. Just when we were starting to pull it together somewhat, we drop our last 5 and not even closely. Pujols put on a fucking hitting clinic this weekend, even banging one like 4change to hit the new Hall of Fame building. More interleague this week with Astros and then the Buckos. Greinke pitching tonight...please can we have a few games where something doesn't blow up, and we maybe have a few hits? Jobu, if your listening, bitch I got some rum.

I must be irritated today not just over the slide we are on, but general sports shit all together. If I hear ONE MORE THING about Favre I might go postal. We all know he is going to be a Viking. SO STFU about it already, announce it and let some fools spend bucks on a jersey they gonna wear for 4 games till he rides the bench from throwing a record number of picks.

That's all your getting ass is too distracted.


Anonymous said...

Well I'll be damned.

-SSGT Barnes