24 June 2009

And momma cooked a breakfast....

with no hog.... (insert head bobbing here)

I must say I am excited about this week of inters.....Greinke got it right last night, throws 8 with no walks and whiffs 5. I was more excited though to see him bat. Kid loves to hit, and would have been stellar to see him hit one out. Soria comes on and gets the W. Please god let this be a sign we are gonna start bringing it all together. If nothing else, at least we get to play Pitt end of week, and well...they suck as bad as us.

Crisp out for the season. I can't say I am too sad about this. Mitchie M should prob take his place, although they can always stick Bill Pecota, I uh mean Bloomquist out there. I hope that Maier gets a chance.

Let's see....Chiefs sign some kicker from like the last round of the draft. Not sure that is very newsworthy, but they are retiring DT's number which is pretty sweet. Read about that HERE. Less than a week before they will be reporting to River Falls. I am sure it is premature, but I am getting really excited for the season already. I know its going to be a tough row to hoe, new QB, new D but really this is the first time we have been given something new to try, for awhile. I just hope it works.

NBA Draft tomorrow. Is there ANY chance Griffin doesn't go first pick? Even tho I despise the NBA, I am still gonna have to watch to see how some of my fave college guys do.

Can I say how much I hate running home on lunch to see that tennis is on. Thank god there is more than one ESPN and it was showing Sportscenter.


Special Agent Johnny Utah said...

Last week fucked around and got a triple double.