05 June 2009


Fuck Kobe. Yeah, I said it. And why we are at it....Fuck BJ Upton.
Nothing like facing a guy hitting like .200 with only 2 yards so far and letting him drop the 2 run go ahead on ya. How ya feeling Jamey Wright? Thanks for being the lead for the 7th straight drop. MY GODDDDDD when will it END. My ass is too sore to take much more. Let's face it. Our bullpen with the exception of Soria is basically looking like crap, everyone is hurt-getting hurt-sore-so much it leads me to contemplate things like how much chew Mike Jacobs can actually fit in his mouth or calculating how many players have played more that 2 positions this season while watching the game instead of ACTUALLY WATCHING THE GAME.

At least Greinke pitches another country. Maybe that is it...if we go to a whole other country we might win.
Vinatieri and Westbrook both with pre-season baby surgeries...I am having draft board dreams of late. I don't want to overshadow baseball, but damn.
There is some hockey, basketball and tennis I guess I could pretend to care about...but instead, how bout a lil side by side Lupe fun...

Its gotta be awesome to be the twinkie of one of the most recognized people in the porn industry!!


Anonymous said...

Brown Chicken Brown Cow