19 June 2009

Interleague shminnerleague...

Royals drop the series to Az with another ass scorching 12-5 loss....ugh. We still have a few inters left and remember, we went 13-5 in interleague games last year.

I want to talk about a word. That word is defined HERE. Consistency. I think that is the biggest prob the Royals have right now. Hoch, when you pitch an 80 pitch full game, and follow with 81 pitches in the 4th on your next outing, there is something missing. The consistency we have had this season is errors and bull pen pitching that blows ass. Last night we give up 2 homers from the pen and 2 wild pitch homers, and commit 3 errors. No matter how we hit, if we are giving those runs away it won't matter. People can say injuries of three of our players has something to do with it....although I am sure it doesn't help, I think it is about time to just start owning up. We have less experienced players on the field and when that happens, the streaks are going to happen. It is a roll with the punches kinda time for Royals fans right now. Bullpen, pull your head out your ass for god's sakes!

I-70 series this weekend, with Friday and Sat sold out. HERE are some interesting numbers on the ammt of asses people are dragging out to see the boys....The real question I want answered is will Davies shave the beard now that its summa and it would be making him sweat like a fat girl writing her first love letter?

Manny eligible to return July 3. Sosa's name leaked on the 'roids list. I would have more to say about it if I cared. I will try and act surprised. A little baby daddy drama for Dirk for Father's Day, HERE. And speaking of daddies, Brady apparently "completed" a lil something in the off season, HERE. I think Bernard Polard is a shoe-in for the godparent, don't you?