01 June 2009

Weekend hang oooover.....

So yeah, hungover sun burnt Lupe checking in. Can you really feel any other way a Royals fan right now? Unfortunately, I don't think drinking the pain away on the current situation will work. I have a strong feeling till Meche and Banny get those levels up, and we start batting and get everyone healthy, its gonna be downhill from here.

I went and saw Greinke pitch yesterday and his ball didn't seem to have the same on it...and I was really questioning some of those set-ups. The slippery slope for the Royals worsens. I as always predicted this, but really figured we would hold out for complete meltdown till AFTER the All-Star break, but what do I know...I am just a kid...with a dream. Oh look....a gator!! The Trey Hilman-Dayton Moore bashing should be up to par in a few days. Sorry folks, not buying. I know Baird left a bad taste in your mouth, but from what I see, Moore is really trying to secure a good underclass and help us with some free agency. He is a build it from the foundation up kinda guy and that is what he is doing. It ain't gonna happen overnight, for you fly by night kinda fans. Sit back, buy your Greinke in '11 shirts and enjoy the fucking ride. Success has to be built...and we are on the right track, even though the track feels bumpy as fuck. If we win .500, and Butler and Gordon come on, we have had a successful year.

Hate that Bron is getting raked in the media for his actions at the conclusion of the he didn't give interviews, so what? He steps up for almost everything. Sometimes we just forget athletes are humans that have feeling and emotion just like everyone else. Yes, they have a talent which makes them amazing at something we all aren't, but it doesn't make them have any right or debt to society....they are simply creatures like us all. Give the man a break, he has been carrying that fucking team ALL season long in one way or another.

It is way too early in the baseball season to already be thinking how long it is till football starts.

Time to go aloe the sunburn and drink some damn water. I never understood how your so hungover, when a hangover is mostly dehydration....and beer is mostly contrived of water? It just doesn't make any sense to my simpleton mind!


Special Agent Johnny Utah said...

Lebron didn't even shake hands with the Magic after losing. That's the unforgivable part.

Not talking to the media is fine, but not shaking hands with opponents after a series is weak.

Lupe said...

I will give ya was a kinda crap move. But then again, I have felt like that before.

Special Agent Johnny Utah said...

Yeah, I'm assuming that most anyone who has played sports before, me included, feels like that after a game/series.

It's just one of those things that you do though to show sportsmanship.