29 May 2009

Never bet....

with a one armed black man, who is shooting darts.....Ugh. I really though Magic were gonna win even though I wanted Bron Bron to pull it off. And he did, and I lost a bet. I really gotta start going with my gut. Roller coaster of a game, and I liked that Bron only had like something 17 points? The rest of the boys are starting to step up, which is good cause I'm sure King James' shoulders were getting a little tired... I don't see any way the Cavs win this series, but god damn would it make me happy if they did.

My productivity is low, and I blame this substance known as Jager. I am fairly sure they bottle Hitler's sweat in hell and that is what is in that green bottle. Whooo.

Home girl wins the National spelling bee....more on that HERE.

Feel-good story of the day for my boys in blue HERE.

Banny pitching today, and I have a good vibe for them starting out with him and ending the series with Zack. Struggling Meche in the middle, but he is up against Buehrle, so hopefully his ass is still stinging from that Pirates game. Shameless plug for my fave Pirates boy HERE.

HERE is a good Friday ender. Laugh it up. I love the Brett out the dugout like a pissed off chicken, although I have always loved Piniella.

Happy weekend, Bitches!!