04 May 2009

Blogging from bed....

unfortunately it might be my death bed. I still have the death rattle cough going on, and am starting to get pissed at the fact I could possibly be sick on my mother fucking birthday. Hopefully a little Cinco de Drinko celebration will kill whatever I am fighting and I will be good to go.

In kick ass news, I found out that my friend Munch might push her kid out on my birthday. That would be rather sweet. I told her if that happens, she must name it Lupe, Jr. I honestly cant think of another person I share a birthday with.

Royals pick up 2 more in Minnesota, and are really playing fucking good. Pena on the Dl with a broken hand bone. This does not sadden me. Sometimes I really struggle trying to figure out what he is even doing here anyways...the boy can not hit.

[Pretend a game recap goes here] Yeah, sorry...just don't feel like it today. Excited that I will get to see Banny pitch on Thurs. He is the probable anyways.

Caps take the lead in the series. Malkin has not scored in like 4 games. Hmm...I think everyone can hype Sid the Kid all they want but if Malkin cant generate, this will be a short series.