27 May 2009


Greinke just keeps looking better and better. Pitched his 5th full game last night. He just continues to impress me and is looking smarter in outings. Gave no walks, 8k and 6 hits. That is just damn good ball chucking. Olivo should get some credit here, they have become quite the dynamic duo and Olivo is getting in the right positions and making the set ups that are making Greinke look good as well. Coco out with soreness...we are injury plagued...ugh. Maier comes in with the big bat though, and thank god...we win a damn game. I think a lot of people have shit to say about him pitching completes, already yelling burnout and overwork. I really don't see this as a problem, when he is watching his pitch count. If he can go out and throw a complete and keep it under 110-120 pitches, is that really different than some of our other guys coming out and throwing 6-7 innings and the same amt of balls? Greinke is just a smarter thrower right now. They threw up some stat last night that showed the lineup batting like .160 at the third through. That makes a point. Zack is taking note of the batters, and not only throwing quality stuff, but adapting and setting himself to command the game, not just go out there and throw till he gets relief.

Day game with Davies up. I really hope we can steal another game and make some ground up on Detroit. Hillman and his fine facial hair on a one game suspension for the asschewing he delivered on Monday....

Insert blah blah 'canes and Pens. I just hope Pens can win it all now....insert blah blah NBA...I am sad to see the season end for King James...and here is bit on Birdman I kiped HERE.

Back to the grind.