05 May 2009

Happy Cinco de Drinko!!

I have always loved Cinco. I guess its the Lupe in me. I still don't have a Cinco that has been topped over the one I spent with Whore, full of golf...pork burritos...stealing huge margarita stirrers...leg humping fake Mexicans...and arguing with a flight attendant that I was in fact drunk, but def not TOOO drunk to get on the plane.

As a huge fan of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", I have this tendency to walk in somewhere and say HEYYYYYOOOO BITCHES. But, I think this week it is gonna be, 6-0000000 BITCHES!! Man, Greinke is pitching phenomenally!!! He becomes only the third Royal to go 6-0 in their first six games of the season. For the inquiring minds, it was Saberhagen in 1987, and Jose Lima in 2003. Lima won seven before losing. I really don't know much what else to say about the Royals other than I am just thrilled all around with how we are playing....Seriously can not freaking wait for Thursday.

Caps lead series 2-0 with it going back to Pitt tomorrow night. Malkin scoreless in 5 games..proving if he can't score, they can't win. Even Sid the kid can't carry the whole team. Fleury not playing like his amazing ass self either.


Special Agent Johnny Utah said...

I had a flight attendant cut me and my buddies off once on a trip to Vegas, she told us that we had too much and that due to the altitude change, that we would feel much drunker when we landed and be in trouble.

She was full of shit, we felt fine after we landed.