01 May 2009

Lupe el Sicko...

I am still fucking sick and miserable, so your not gonna be getting much out of me today. I am still holding strong that Red Bull, NiQuil and vitamin C can cure everything.....On a related note, I can never say NiQuil without hearing George Carlin saying ni BIG FUCKING Q uil... and then, really can you even say Carlin without spouting the 7. Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cock, Mother Fucker and Tits. I never understood tits..but hey. Why argue with a great.

First off, if you have not done so, GO VOTE on the All-Star ballot, like HERE. Otherwise, if your favorite player don't make it, don't whine and bitch.

Royals in MN all weekend before they come back for a week home stand which includes my birthday!! Soria is scheduled to be back...which I am happy for. Hitting is def coming on for us, and if we can get pitching shored up, I think it might be a damn good year. 0-3 Ponson, my favorite new smooth criminal is pitching tonight, and hopefully he can pull a W for his growing ERA. Checking current rotation, it is looking highly unlikely I will get to see Davies or Greinke pitch on my special day. Apparently, McClure didn't get the memo.

If I can not have to be pouring beers for THIS, I am so gonna be watching! Also any Mike and Mike fans, THIS be for you, also proving there are some things us girls are tougher at...cuz waxing your coochie hurts a HELL of a lot worse than your leg.


Special Agent Johnny Utah said...

Denis Leary did that NyQuil bit on his 'No Cure for Cancer' CD, unless he ripped off Carlin.

Lupe said...

Well fuck me in the goat ass, you might be right.

Anonymous said...

Lupe Eh? Thats superB. lol