01 May 2009

ESPN finally gets the memo....

that most of us KC folks have been trying to circulate for a long time. Jason Whitlock is a DICK.

Jerk off, race baiter, cramming opinion asshole has finally been released from ESPN and apparently found a new gig with AOL Sports. More on that, and his fat ass on a couch HERE.

I have absolutely hated seeing him as the voice of KC sports for so long. I don't think there has been an article he has written in the last 2 years that absolutely has not appalled me and made me shake my head, this guy NEVER has anything positive to say! Case in point HERE. Granted, out teams have struggled for years, but damn... In case he has not crawled out from behind that rock, wait BOULDER for his HUGE FAT ASS, Royals are division leaders, 4 of our bats at .300 or better with quite a few right at that mark...Greinke with an outstanding season, yet he chooses to report why we need to bring a character like Bonds to our organization?

I wish the Star could get on board with this anti-Whitlock thing. Maybe we can clone another Joe P. Love you Mr. Ponaski.


Special Agent Johnny Utah said...

Ding dong the dickhead's dead.

And you'd better approve this message to be posted or I'll punch you in your pancreas.


Lupe said... pancreas!