28 May 2009

Manny being Manny, and Mark Buckner....

VOTE early, vote often, vote Royals.

Can I also say that in regards to the All-Star game, I love the fact that there is a possible Manny could come back from a suspension, to play in it a few days later. I did some research, and him being suspended on Day de Lupe, his suspension would be up, and I have seen nothing where Mr. Selig has any rule about him playing. Irony. It proves to me really fans are just not on the 'Roid witch hunt that the media has kinda lead... I figure this, he does his suspension, and his "debt to society" is paid. It is kinda like smoking pot in your 20's. You know a hell of a lot of people do it, but it never matters till someone gets popped with it, and a week later your all smoking it up together again. The game has changed, it has evolved....Shit, we know none of THESE guys juiced it up...but I don't think anyone is really hung up on the great 'Roids debate. We are going to continue to see players get slapped for it, and we will still go out to see 'em play 50 games later.

Royals...really? REALLY? Dropped it to the div leader 3-8 yesterday...Someone needs to explain simple math to Mark Teahen, who has actually been playing well. One homer isn't quite greater than a 3r error, where the ball goes through your legs like a co-rec game after a case of beer. Thank you, Mr. Buckner, Jr. Banny on the mound when the Sox come to town. I am ready for Sunday so I, and apparently the rest of the city can go watch Greinke pitch again.

I liked this amazing revelation about the skip..only cause I have a tiny crush on his facial hair...Check out his new semi-twinkie HERE.

I was gonna start a Jason Whitlock tirade, but I think it is actually its own post worthy....sooo...