24 April 2009

Friday Edition....

Apparently hungover Lupe is not a blogging productive Lupe, but shit happens. I would like to share one fact I was reminded of last night. The best tasting beer is some that you didn't buy.

I am up I factor quadratic equations.

Okay let the rrrramble begin....GO!

First off, since K-el already covered THIS which was pretty fucking awesome, I decided to throw out there that maybe no one I have ever met has better facial hair than THIS GUY. (We all know how I feel about him, SWOON).

Someone reminded me that the NBA playoffs are going on.....but I quickly reminded them I quit caring about the NBA about the time MJ retired the first time. I do like Paul Pierce, tho so I guess GO CELTICS covers me talking about something I didn't really give two shits about in the first place.

Royals in action tonight against Detroit for three at home before Toronto strolls into town. Greinke on the mound, and I project we sweep this series. I have a "feeling".

Wait...didn't I talk about this already last night?

We dropped the series close to Cleveland but still keep the division tie for 1st. I can handle that. We won't start really shitting the bed till after the All Star Break. Plus, can you really brag about being your division leader when you are in the AL Central? Really?

Still excited to see what shall unfold on Saturday.