28 April 2009

Oh Shit...almost that time!

It happens every year bout this time. It has become a Whore/Lupe event of epic porportion.

It is known as the days de Lupe.

We first kick off the celebration with Cinco, then 2 days later the magic thing as Birthday de Lupe happens. This year the number is 30. It makes for a good few days of being drunk bitches, as we do with record form. The usual tradition is tailgating or eating out, a Royals game and then some general stumbling around. And who are we to break tradition, really? Even though this big dirty 30 birthday falls on a Thursday, some down ass friends are actually burning the vacation to accompany me to my drunken special day outing!! While we are busy assembling our outing packs of grills, washer game, yard beer, protective headwear, duct tape, and bail money and our lawyers are writing the disclaimer that comes in 12 languages and now braile...please, let us take a moment to visit days de Lupe of years past:

"Ohh..the ballpark/Drunk Bitch hugs mascot/Drunk Bitch points out the obvious foul pole/Drunk Bitch pole bends to show the rip in her pants/Drink Bitch climbs pole, with proper safety helmet/Drunk Bitch gets a little help humping the concrete divider. "

Can I say how ABSOLUTLY excited that this year for my birthday, is School Day at the K. I wonder how many innocent childeren will be scarred for life by the antics?


Special Agent Johnny Utah said...

Theme song?

Lupe said...

Ha ha...usually we are running around banging our batting helmets singing the theme from Mission Impossible.

Its worth seeing actually, you should come down. Bring hot friends.