23 April 2009

Gonna blow my preverbial load....

all in one shot here and cover all that I am thinking about.

First, Flyers. MUST WIN tonight!! Game 5 with Pens up 3-1 at their damn house. I am kinda having deja vu of about 12 months ago....anyone else? Plain and simple, the boys gotta keep chucking quality shit at the apparent golden man-child goalie and see if they can get some by. Fingers crossed and lucky had and scarf all ready.

Royals finish at Cleveland with Meche getting the nod. I think they are in the second, but I can't seem to get my MLB TV up here at work without a nosey person checking it just me or does Meche look like he is 5? I think Guillen is go for back on Saturday, and is great to me as long as he brings a hot bat back with him. There is talk about him DH over going back to position, and for that I say throw him back in the pit. There are a lot worse things than hip flexers.

It is just too fucking nice to be inside today, and every time I walk past the window, I have to calmly remind myself that a responsible adult wouldn't just make a break for it. I should be kidnapping a tallish whore and there should be something with drinking and swinging clubs, sticks, or other objects involved.

Damn the spring fever.

Oh...fuck, I almost forgot.

Saturday...I am almost excited to see what brianchild the new front office of the Chiefs is gonna do. All talk is on us taking Aaron Curry, but I am not so sure about that pick. We pick up a decent arm, and I am really wondering what kind of dynamic they think is happening when our O line is in the shape it is? Sigh. I have chosen to sit on my hands and just see what happens. I am still very thrilled with our Dorsey pic from last year....we will keep the faith!