29 April 2009

It needs to be documented, in media format...

JUST in case it truly does happen.

Any of you who know the tallish whore and I, know we both have a slight jaded edge and can be pretty rough and tumbly. But we are both huge believers in the whole karma, fate, destiny, things for a reason type of thought process. And that good luck falls back on you when you put good things out there. Pay it forward types of shit. Today, I had a situation like that and it could make me a millionaire. I just wanted to put it up, in case it happens, I can say "told ya so" BEFORE I say"everybody on the boat, and take your clothes off".

I stopped to get a red bull, and see this truck pull up beside. Guy with no shirt got out and I could smell the boozie smell radiating off him. I smiled that "ugh, I been there, buddy" smile at him and walked in the store. I am walking back to the cooler and hear the clerk telling him no way can he be in there or buy anything with no shirt so I see him head out, all head down and dejected looking. I walk out and he is just kinda standing there, and he says something about not being able to believe those people or something. So I ask him if he doesn't have any kind of shirt in his truck, and he just looks at me and shakes his head no. I got in the back of my car (everyone knows I usually have all kinds of shit in there) and had a ratty T shirt I had in there from a possible going from work to the cages outing. I hand it to him and he starts telling me how great of a person I am. Uh okay..its a shirt. He is freaking so he hands me this crinkled dollar bill and gives me this spill about he feels like he should give me something for my help. I just nod. Decide to walk back in and buy a power ball ticket with my wadded up dollar.

If that ain't good karma, I don't know what is.