21 April 2009

To kick shit off...MOTHER FUCKING HOCKEY!

Instead of telling any sorted tales of bullshit past, let us get right up to speed.

K-el doesn't share my love of the Flyers (damn, that bitch for being smarter than not fucking out of the tri-state area) but tonight we face Game 4, with (thank god) home ice for my Flyers. Pens lead the series 2-1, but I think whoever can win away takes this series. Flyers really sucked a big dick in the first two, with Fleury looking like a brick wall. Game two, this boy scats 2 shots on goal with HIS SKATE! (did I mention, he is a hot enemy??) Wait, what???

Pens have speed...Malkin and Crosby...and durh, Pitt has this thinking they are on some streak. Pshhhhaw..tell that to your Pirates, you Sixburgh fucks.

Philly needs to watch penalties, play smarter...Keep Malkin to the outside...and maybe we can get our confidence back.

Lupe predict, Flyers take this home game and gain momentum. I really believe this could be a series that will go all 7. People who know more shit than me tho...say Pittsburgh Penguins (2.52) at Philadelphia Flyers (1.60) (Money line inc. OT)