23 April 2009

Holy shit!!

Flyers pull it out....the new boys show what is fucking up and we stay alive. Makes me wonder about my loves Hartnell and Gagne. We need some leadership and jeezy petes some continuity!! Sorry no better coverage I had some mom duty to do!!

I also want to take a second to talk about kids. Both us bitches been blessed with em but dayum if they don't mimic us whores sometimes. My daughter follows Royals baseball as closely as a nine year old girl can. But tonight she had one of those kid moments you never forget.

I had changed up lucky Flyer gear for something meaningful. To avoid being a HUGE pussay, I will not explain, but I had a grey t shirt that says "Marines" and my flyer orange hat and scarf.

My daughter was busy with activity but comes to me later. "MOM, ugh...why are you wearing a Marlins shirt? They SUCK!!". I explained to her she had mis-read only after I completely and totally fell in love with her all over again.

The fact she identifies and rates the suck factor of another MLB team besides the Royals I jam down her throat makes me well....proud!! Sometimes kids rock your world more than you ever expect!!

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van said...

The Titanic and the Flyers, both seemed like good ideas until they hit the ice.

Lupe said... just wait, son!