27 April 2009

135 years?

This year marks the 135th time the Kentucky Derby has ran. That is pretty kick ass, if you ask me.

Although I have never gotten to go see the actual running I have visited Churchill Downs and it is pretty sweet....

I am still a believer the best part of Kentucky is Clermont and a little thing they make there, but I can imagine going to th' Derby would be a damn good time. I just want to see the bitches in big hats sucking down Mint Julep and eatin some Hot Brown's.

If I were a betting bitch, I think I would have to go with Flying Private. If you are a betting bitch, you could go HERE to do so. Also, if you want to sip on a refreshing MJ and just watch the runnin', a recipe for some could be found HERE.


Special Agent Johnny Utah said...

Kentucky Derby somewhat sucks anymore. The best horse rarely wins because there's too many goddamned horses in the field. 20+ horses creates too much traffic and usually an uneven result.

That being said, I'll be at the OTB on Saturday betting.