26 April 2009

Some might say...

128 million is a lot of money. I'd be one of those people. I don't even freaking know what I would start to do with that much money but damn if I wouldn't try to figure it out.

Right about now though, I think the Capitals are feeling that Mr. Alex Ovechkin is worth every penny of that lucrative 128 million they shelled out. It would take me hours to discuss every award this kid has won or why he is an eternal bad ass man boy. I will simply say "the goal". With Flyers losing and my heart breaking, I shall back Ovechkin and hope he almost kills Malkin again in the near future.

Detroit pulls ahead in the division as we drop our second today. Ponson looked more settled and in control today, we just couldn't seem to generate hits. And then came that bash by Inge. All I can really say is BLAHHHH! It would probably bother me more if I somehow had higher expectations of my boys in blue. Tomorrow night game to kick off a home series with Toronto. Let's go Royals!!

Fuck...the weekends just are never long enough.

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