23 April 2009


K-el and I had discussed bringing a somewhat normalish thing to the blog about our favorite people, people who have done funny or lawbreaking shit, and we kinda came up with the WHO-WHY

WHO-WHY is who they are and why we love them, or who they are and why they were idiotic enough to get arrested, shoot someone, or knock up a 16 year old crack whore. start tradition, I am throwing up the first WHO-WHY.

Anyone who knows me, knows I could write a dissertation on why I love this boy, Mr. Josh Beckett. We can skip right past any of the hot, amazing arm, and just the type of guy Lupe loves stuff...he is MINDBLOWING!! Was going to play for A&M but went pro instead. 03 WS MVP and 2007 ALCS MVP. Love anyone who shuts out the Yanks in a clutch situation, and he is JUST DAMN PRETTY!! Other than his poetry in motion fastball, the boy has this high 80 changeup that is about as nasty as they come. But yada yada yada, need I go on? I think this can sum up why he is my pick for the WHO-WHY.....
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Boston Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett has been suspended for six games by Major League Baseball after an incident in Sunday's game against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, the league said on Tuesday.
After the Angels' Bobby Abreu called time out while batting, Beckett threw the ball toward his head.
Players and officials then left the benches and argued on the field.
The league ruled that Beckett "intentionally threw a pitch in the head area" and also noted in its statement that his "aggressive action after the pitch incited the bench-clearing incident."
Always count me in for the love of the bad boy.....


van said...

Hitters are too pussy these days with all the armor they wear at the plate. Pitchers rarely throw inside anymore too and they get tagged.

The good ones, like Beckett, get hitters off the plate and give them a little fear.